Scandal Season 3 Finale- The Price Of Free And Fair Election

The end. For now. The end.

Scandal finale

Olivia finally acknowledges that she IS the Scandal that needs to be handled. The problem in a lot of sums of the whole part.

Okay, I’m stan enough to admit that this season was a lot to deal with; for the most part I stayed mad at Olivia and Fitz because let me tell you, they were a HOT MESS. Quinn got on all my nerves and for the life of me I have no idea why she is still alive or in the show? She needs to be dead. Her storyline served no other purpose but to irk people…Huck? Really?

We’ll come back to that. Despite Cyrus’ evil intentions no one of real importance want injured at the funeral but kudos to Leo Bergen, who has come up trumps making Olivia look weak willed, he ceased on the opportunity to put Sally in spectacular light in the press as she cared for the injured on site. Even better, with the split screen where Fitz appears to be as incompetent as he truly is as Sally gets stuck in on the front line.

Speaking of Fitz he was back to chomping at the Vermont bit, looking at life through rose tinted glasses and thinking of all the jam to be made up in Vermont but Liv quickly put the kibosh on that when he informs him of Mellie’s rape at the hands of his father. Dear God, this has got to be the end of these two because we cannot, simply cannot take any more of them. Not even a little bit more. Fitz finally came to understand just why and how his marriage fell apart. It was a touching moment between the two of them; Mellie and Fitz. A long time coming. Liv is unwilling to entertain the possibility of Vermont…at least for now. Some dignity.

The series of events that follow are more WTF…

If Fitz couldnt see the Papa Pope was playing him then he really is as stupid as they come. Just when all had given up hope of Fitz winning over angel Sally BOOM goes the dynamite. Whilst addressing his crowd of supporters, Lil Jerry drops dead on the stage and the money shot is Fitz carrying his son in his arms out of the auditorium. I guess Jerry was a sacrificial lamb. Learning that this came from Papa Pope was no surprise but what was, was the fact that he did this for Olivia. Since when did his love run so deep. Mama it turns out was the casualty in this situation and she finds herself back in the hole. Olivia needs some mad therapy session because her folks for real cray.

Harrison figures it out a moment too late and he reveals this to Command; Papa Pope, whose end game it was all along to get himself back to the seat of Command. Duh!

We see Liv riding off into the sunset with Jake, OPA now in the hands of her father whom the others would really rather not work for. Poor Abby.

The thing is this, this was very much a weak season for all its high drama, compared to the other two. The dramatics was much too much. Liv and Fitz fell seriously out of favour with the audience because it was all up and down and sideways with them. It was hard for us to look at Liv as this fixer when she rubbished herself for the sake of Fitz. How long will he continue to piss her about for her to wake up and smell the damn coffee. As for Quinn she needs to die.

Harrison will be killed by Command. Columbus Short will not be coming back to the programme because of his foolishness outside of it. I am still campaigning for Stephen from seasons one to come back.

Until next season and I am hoping for a great one.