GoT- S4. Ep.2- The Lion and The Rose.

The king is dead!! THE KING IS DEAD!! DID YOU HEAR ME?! JOFFREY OF HOUSE BARATHEON IS DEAD!! OMG! OMG! I don’t think the whole world has been collectively unified in such excitement at the death of a TV character. THE KING IS DEAD!


But lets get back to that bit later. Theon Greyjoy is now a shadow of his former self and I really would rather Ramsey went the way of Joffrey, or worse. He is sickening. Now that Sir Bolton knows that the two Stark boys are alive, the North is not truly his. It never will be because of the loyalty shown to the Starks so he needs them dead. Mellisandre and her Lord of Light are really uninspiring at this juncture in time neither is Stannis’ wife. Someone dial up the next psyche ward and toss her in there please. As for Bran and his posse, they continue onwards to wherever it is they are going and where the hell is Rickon?

I do adore the scene with Tyrion and Jaime, its obvious, regardless of his family’s expectation and feelings towards their younger brother, Jaime and Tyrion share a fondness for each other. Regardless of Cersei and her father. Jaime is smart enough to realise just how wise Tyrion is, he is the only one he can truly confide in with his true feelings regarding his disability and Tyrion knows that deep down inside Jaime is not the person the rest of tWesteros thinks he is. His brother is a better man than that, insecurity cloaked behind those good looks and deep within a good heart. Saying that however, something about Tyrion tells me he will be the one to bring this family down and Tywin is all the more foolish for not truly realising this.

As with every Game of Thrones episode, there is a lot at play this season- the marked distinction and discrimination between high borns and commoners, the revenge of the commoners, bastards and their place in society… who will win the war because its a battle between two factions with the lower class forever feeling inferior. The lowly are doomed to be the downfall of the high born it would seem, because they serve nothing more than playthings and puns for enjoyment but Oberyn, a man of Dorne who harbours no ill will to those of low birth said it well; “bastards are born of passion”

Tyrion is trying to get rid of Shae but she is foolish enough to not read between the lines. I have come to really get fed up of her she hasn’t advanced much in her character, she is stuck playing the petulant, moody jilted lover and hand maiden to an even grumpier Lady Sansa. Between the two of them I wonder there is any happiness left in Westeros.

But forget all that because we have come to the greatest part of all; JOFFREY DEAD!! It couldn’t have come any sweeter really. There he was, humiliating Tyrion much to the delight of the wedding guests and Cersei, and all of a sudden he starts choking and then ugh…ugh…ugh…dead in his mother’s arms. A distraught Cersei screaming and crying and even in her rage a loathing for Tyrion is all too present as she screams for them to take him.

In the midst of the melee is Ser Dontos who has come to take Sansa away.

Gawd what a brilliant, brilliant scene.

Now we have a crime in the capital. Whodunnit?

Tyrion? Humiliated at Joff’s expense. There was no love lost between the two, especially not helped by his mother but to kill him in such a blatant fashion is not Tyrion’s style. Tyrion is a great believer in comeuppance and it gave him such pleasure knowing Cersei was the mother of madness, Joffrey, knowing hers was the beastly child gave him such pleasure. Killing Joffrey would have diminished that pleasure.

Sansa? Revenge for her father and brother perhaps? Maybe. But meek, mild and timid Sansa? I highly doubt that. She couldn’t hurt a fly and there is nothing about her character that would prompt us to read between the lines. With Sansa what you see is what you get; weakness.

Jaime? Not likely. One Kingslayer title is more than enough and he is working so hard to change that. Besides lest we forget, Joffrey is his son. The little shit.

Cersei? For all her anguish I think this is something she could do. She loved Joff don’t get me wrong, there was a blind love there a love that filters from the one shares with her brother, the father of her children. She loved him. HOWEVER if there is one person who saw Joffrey’s monstrosity through and through, it was Cersei. She knew what a monster he was, she knew people wanted him dead, and she knew Margaery Tyrell was going to wield her charm over him and she would have no place in his life. But more than anything, she knew he was a monster. Its not such a far fetched theory or am I just reaching?

Tywin? Possibly because Joffrey was almost impossible to advice, he cared very little for him and he knew what he was. Where he came from and that sickened him. Joffrey represents all that can destroy the Lannisters and there is one thing Tywin holds above all, its family and the legacy it leaves behind.

Prince Oberyn? The one who has more than a bone to pick with the Lannisters and is hell bent on revenge? Not really, direct is his style, a renowned warrior he would have challenged Joffrey to a duel not use poison. Although he does have an expertise in poisons…hmmm

Lady Olenna? She was visibly distraught when Joffrey was choking but her granddaughter was about to spend her life with a monster; would she even dare to let that happen? She may be old but she is wise above and beyond and she has a certain quiet power…

Lady Margaery Tyrell, Joff’s new wife? Possibly. She’s no fool, she knew what Joffrey was and she was going to deal with him in her own way but she also wanted to be Queen. She wanted power and maybe she would have killed Joffrey eventually but to do so at her wedding?


But its safe to say, Mr Martin is not a fan of weddings is he?