Kate Moss For Topshop


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I remember when the first Kate Moss for Topshop collection dropped, you literally could not move on Oxford Street that day as the model herself posed in the store window at its grand opening, ensuring that one of the busiest, if not the busiest, streets in London was commuter hell.

I also remember seeing the collection and feeling very lukewarm about it, reason being, it was great but not Kate great. Kate Moss is a gypsy at heart, a free spirit with one of the coolest, most effortless fashion sensibilities of any woman in this world. She can wear ANYTHING and make it look good, very few people can do that, even the people of whom its often said will have limitations, but not Kate Moss. I mean, she single handedly made the skinny jean relevant again. So her first and subsequent collections just never really hit the mark for me. Too commercial, too trendy.

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After four years Kate has returned to Topshop with a more seasoned, more, in her own words, sophisticated collection, and I couldn’t agree more. THIS is the collection that embodies everything she is to style and fashion- edgy, bohemian, vintage rock and roll. Based on her wardrobe each piece is authentically Kate- in her own vision.

Tailoring Noir– explores evening wear with a slick edge- fringe, of course there’s fringe, its Kate, but used here its both slinky and cool, as seen on the flapper style, fringe, metallic dress, its mate a cropped fringe jacket, which she wears on the cover of Vogue UK May 2014 issue, a maxi dress fringed from mid thigh to hemline, a mini dress layered in long fringe etc.

Balearic Dressing– is the more luxurious boho aesthetic: embellished smocks, suede shorts and aztec print kaftans influenced by her favourite summer holiday spot, the Balearic Islands, a Spanish archipelago.

Pyjama Dressing– more trend led but with an air of chicness. The wide leg print pants, especially, will serve the dual function as both evening and lounge wear something so typically Kate in the sense that she never, ever tries hard.

Cocktail Hour– as the name suggests, is a collection of more evening wear- star spangled and slinky pieces, cute little safe dresses like the one shoulder chiffon cocktail dresses that still have a touch of Kate and will definitely fly off the racks. But the crown jewel has got to be the satin evening gown, reminiscent of Elvira Hancock one of Moss’s inspiration for this collection; such simple sophistication, such effortless glamour. Such endless sexiness.

There are day pieces too, rompers, fifties style cute dresses and those will be best sellers.

The paisley print stuff, part of the pyjama dressing, I could do without, along with the scarf hemmed blouses, that were less fashion forward and more trendy hot messes that reminded one of something from Surprise, Surprise. Topshop may be a high street retailer but Kate Moss is still very much high fashion, even if she designs for a high street brand we do not want that obvious association. There is just something different, when its Kate Moss, that we have come to expect.

This is a more superior collection to previous collections, more intricate, more evolved, hence the mark up in price. Some items, like the satin evening gown, will be produced in limited quantities, other items, the most expensive of the collection, will be available on Net-a-Porter. The rest will be produced in bulk and available in 38 countries across the globe, in-store and online at Topshop and Nordstrom.

All in all, this collection is quintessentially Kate, everything about it revolves around her and speaks to her style statement.

Kate on Kate by Kate The Great.

The Kate Moss for Topshop collection drops on the 30th of April.

Images- Topshop