Home Sweet Home- IKEA

I love IKEA, it is my happy place. I love, getting lost in the bedroom department, buying more bookshelves than I need, the cheesy commercial pictures, the candles, boxes, baskets…even the £1 hotdogs and cinnamon rolls. Don’t get me started on the elderflower juice. The best!

I prefer going into the IKEA store than shopping online because the online service is a hideous experience, they never have everything they have in store, online, which is really mind bugging. But more than that, there is something heavenly about walking round the maze of different departments. Rumour has it, IKEA stores are designed like a maze in order to stop people from leaving. And I never want to leave when I’m in there.

As you know, I recently moved house so I’ve been shopping at my favourite place and getting feng shui ideas for my room, which is smaller than my last but quite cosy too. As always I want EVERYTHING Ikea has to offer but the most perfect things I’ve found include a lamp two bedside tables…

house and home ikea clamp lamp copy

Hektar wall/clamp spotlight– I bought this lamp and it is screwed only my window ledge, the perfect spot for night time reading, working etc. Its ideal especially when I don’t need to have my bedroom light on. The black metal shell gives it that rustic boho appeal too. £13 (you can get the bulbs cheaper in Sainsbury’s or Tesco)

house and home ikean bedside table copy

Vettre Bedside Table- inspired by the dentist trolley, per the designer notes, this cabinet style bedside table on wheels is indeed a throwback to my days on the dentist table…maybe not the most pleasant of memories. It also reminds me of one my grandmama had for stashing sweets and things beside her bed. I love the practicality of this and the uber retro vibe. The cabinet is big enough to fit your laptop, tablet, wires, books etc. so you keep the mess to a minimum and that cool turquoise is just ideal around dark furnishing. £25

House and Home- Ikea Kitchen trolley copyRåskog trolley– this is by fair the coolest thing in Ikea right now. I love the idea of a versatile kitchen trolley that can be used in any area of the house really. You can store all your knick knacks and what nots, especially for people like me whose bed is taken up by books and all sorts. £50

It should also be noted that the in-store service is no great shakes either, the staff are not the most helpful or knowledgeable but I don’t go there for them.