Scandal S.3 Ep.13- No Sun On The Horizon


OMG! OMG! OMG! Someone went and earned themselves a bullet from B613…OMG! That was how Scandal left us feeling after last night’s episode. Someone was getting close to bringing down the republic and earned himself a bullet from Command.

But before we go there, let’s got e everywhere else, right quick. Okay.

Something wicked this way comes, there is something dark on the horizon, if nothing, the opening scene with Jake’s confessional proves it. He is starting to come to terms with the burden of his role. His life, whatever there is of it, is detached and it may be that he is not cut out for the life of Command.

Scandal S3 Ep 13Sally is crazy, like cray loco; she believes that the only way she will earn the Lord’s forgiveness would be to publicly confess to her transgressions before the nation, during the presidential debate…oh Sally. Not even her pastor can help her and Olivia wants nothing to do with this, upon learning the truth about how Daniel Douglas died and Cyrus’ hand in the cover up, she wants absolutely nothing to do with the trio of murderers who are running for election. Watching Olivia crack up is priceless if only because we never see her laugh and hardly does she smile. She hasn’t had a reason to in a long time. Sinister, but no less funny. Eventually though, she takes one for the republic and plays her mistress of Fitz card when she asks that he throw the debate and take one for the Republic. His republic.

The alternative was for B6-13 to take Sally out mid debate…okay then.

Liv shows up at Jake’s because she needs something to take her mind off the spate of troubled ramping up her alley. She is in fake girlfriend mode and Jake adopts his fake boyfriend role, selling her an alternate reality. “We could run, you just have to say the word” Oi vey Jake, if there is one thing Command does not do, its run. He sells her this fantasy of them running away together into the sunset as it were, unburdening the anchor that is the republic. And of course, Fitz. Its a sweet fantasy, a happy one for the both of them. Still, a fantasy is all there is to it.

You get the sense that the dark is going to go on a bit longer and things will get even crazier before the light shines through. Olivia wants to feel the sun on her face and she wants to be able to do so without the cloud of what dark deed they have done hanging over her head. Jake is suddenly feeling the burden of being Command, Cyrus has reached the tipping point having discovered that James is Publius and he has no play left for whatever he is planning. Abby is worried that David will get hurt in this Publius affair and the one who may be able to help is washing her hands out of it all. Olivia Carolyn Pope.

Scene of the night, the Oval with Olivia and Fitz where she serves him a dose of reality and in that way, herself; there’s no Vermont. Everything they’ve done from the very beginning has be with him in mind and this is where they are, here, now and the shit of it all. It is what it is, and so they must make do with it.

And then Shonda gives us one last scene that will keep us on tenterhooks. James is no longer going ahead with the plan to take down the republic because he’s gotten a change of heart about everything. Rosen is not best pleased but that’s the least of his problem because here comes Command, he takes out two of David’s companions and then points the gun at James and David.

Fade to black.

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