Chanel-Le Vernis Rose Exubérant

chanel rose exubirant copyA few years ago I bought my first Chanel nail polish but was left disappointed when it chipped within a day of wearing it and doing absolutely nothing at all, it was the Le Vernis Black Satin, beautiful but useless. I’ve stayed away from Chanel since. But doing my monthly beauty shop, as you do, I found myself pulled back into the grasp of Chanel. I am a sucker for pink nail polish, I have a lot of pink shades, because I am forever on the hunt for perfect pink nail polish. You too? Story of our lives isn’t it?! But look no more I think Chanel has us cover with the Le Vernis Rose Exubérant.

The La Vernis has a formula patented to Chanel and it is said to “respect the fragile nature of your nails…ensures rapid drying and lasting hold…with a precise concentration of solvents that gives a hard and resistant gloss film.” Okay.

In other words, its not just a pretty shade of pink but it is long lasting and has a high gloss to it. And I can attest to the long-lasting bit because even after washing the dishes and doing some household chores, I didn’t feel inclined to give myself another coat before leaving the house the next day. Funny, I cannot say the same for the Black Satin, but this time I was not disappointed.

I guess I’m back in lust with Chanel.