M&S And Its Leading Ladies

When it comes to fashion M&S has become an after thought; when all other options have been exhausted. But the retailer is seeking to address this decline with its new line up for Spring -Summer 2014- The Leading Ladies, shot by Annie Leibovitz; it covers the bases and then some whilst pulling out all the stops.


The ethos here is Britishness; the brand seeks to spread the quintessence of “the unique and diverse women of a modern Britain” as Partrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Director of Marketing and Business Development for M&S puts it, the world over. With the help of an inspiring cast and diverse cast- Lulu Kennedy, Fashion mentor and founder of Fashion East, chef Rachel Khoo, Supermodel Alek Wek, Popstar Rita Ora, A-List actress Emma Thompson, Rockstar and Activitst Annie Lennox, Baroness Doreen Lawrence, campaigner and mother of slain teenager Stephen Lawrence and Structural Engineer Roma Aggrawal who features in a later photograph.


I admire their effort and like the pictures, sometimes its a little disconnected in the pose or expressions but its coherent and the looks more put together, pristine and a lot less trendy.


Ms Leibovitz, as expected, does a fabulous job of making the already beautiful english county side look even more dreamy it adds another element to the photograph, a rustic charm, all the while making her subjects the centre piece, it would be hard for them not to be with so many, but each person stands out.


This is a big push from the retailer, and lets face it, M&S NEEDS a big push because it is constantly losing the battle and being outdone by other retailers on the High Street. There is something about the brand that still screams granny but there’s that young customer, the modern woman with a contemporary sense of style that still gives M&S a looking from time to time, hoping to find something. That’s the woman they are reaching for alongside their base with this ad. The modern woman, the cool older woman, the inspirational woman, the young wild and fun woman young girls look up to…its got a bite to it. Substance.

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