R.I.P Ruth Staiman (@fashionoffice)

This morning I woke up to the most terrible news, my friend Ruth Staiman, aka @fashionoffice passed away. She was battling cancer.

The world has lost an angel and there is no solace for that.

Ruth was a wonderful person. I never met her in real life, we tried to meet several times but life often got in the way of plans, still, we tweeted each other almost everyday. We; Myself, Meredy, Shirley, Valerie and Ruth had this tradition of always starting the day with each other, we start with good morning and a catch up, celebrated birthdays and milestones, and rooted for each other. Even if we’ve never met each other in real life we consider ourselves friends, really good friends. So this is a loss we all suffer, it cuts close to home because the person with whom we converse everyday, is suddenly no more…

Its a sad, sad day.

But no question, sadder for her family. A family she spent every moment loving and cherishing, whether she was in the air or back home in Palm Beach, Ruth was grateful for her family.

If you knew Ruth, you know she was a happy person, a kind person who only spread goodness, there were times we forgot what battle she was up against because she was just so strong . That image from her Instagram feed embodies her essence, regardless of what she was going through she was incredibly grateful for the life she had. Every single day of it. She was endlessly positive and full of wisdom. She was such a joy, a true inspiration and we will miss her terribly.

Ruth, you are in heaven where you are no doubt needed, you were loved, are loved and always will be loved. Words cannot express the sadness we feel at this time but we know you are resting in perfect peace.

We pray for your family, may they be granted the strength to bear this loss and always remain blessed. Always, Always, Always.

We love you darling friend.