Stylist Magazine

Stylist is one of my favourite magazine, not because its free but because despite being free it manages to give such rich and exceptional content, most times. It covers a variety of topics, is a feminist champion, encourages reading, has some badass women writing for them, gives you handbags, sass and brains and everyone’s favourite stye list. It is also now available free on the iPAD and iPhone.

One of my biggest fears about moving out of London was never being able to get a copy of Stylist on Tuesday, as per usual, again…no really, it was. And as if they felt my sadness at this fact they decided to do something about it and for this I couldn’t be happier. If you have never read a copy of Stylist, you are missing out big time because this is just one of those rare magazines out there, it doesn’t give you run of the mill drivel, doesn’t seek to patronise and is vastly diverse…

Get downloading and get to reading.

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