The Kitchen Table: Sunday Pancaking

Sundays were made for long lie ins, hangovers, breakfast in bed, brunch with friends. Curling up with a good book, pottering around the kitchen making a sweet mess…Sunday is truly, utterly blissful. It even feels like it.

After my long lie in today, sans hangover, I woke up desperately and surprisingly, hungry for pancakes. The thing is, pancakes and I have our moments, I am not a huge fan as most are, considering its the customary brunch order, and I have a thing for brunch, this is almost sacrilegious, no? But today was not one of those days, thankfully. Since I wasn’t going into town to meet up with friends for brunch and my mom, the only person whose pancakes I’ve ever loved, was not at home, I decided to potter around and make a mess in hopes of coming out with pancakes at the end of it… and a relatively clean kitchen. You know how messy making pancakes can be.

Checking in the cupboards however, there was no Nutella. No Maple Syrup. No Hazlenut. No Vanilla! WTF?!! I was about to give in when I saw three soft bananas in the fruit baskets and packets of walnuts; glass three quarters full.

I mashed together the bananas and a packet of walnuts to make an ugly mess, sifted 500g of flower in a bowl and tosses in four cups of caster sugar, two teaspoons of baking powder and a pinch of salt. I melted three tablespoons of Lurpak, the best butter ever, in a skillet over low heat, dug a hole in the flower mixture, broke in the eggs, poured in some milk,  tablespoon of ground nutmeg, tossed in the banana hazelnut mash and melted butter, now slightly cooled. No, I didn’t measure anything, I have no patience for that, I am more the taste to see if its sweet enough type of cook… my bad. Mix. Mix. Mix. with a wooden ladle as a whisk just won’t do the trick. I mixed the batter until it was relatively smooth and thickly runny…if that makes sense.

Skillet over medium heat, table spoon of butter melting and sizzling, scoop of batter carefully in sizzling butter… one minute and a bit on either side, and BAM! Pancakes.

This is the first time in my life that I have made pancakes from start to finish. I am the flakey pancake maker; the one who walks in halfway through and will finish up or I start only to be distracted by something else and someone else, mom, has to finish it up for me. But this time I saw it all the way through. Butter fried some pork sausages and bacon… so much butter!! There was enough ingredients in there to give me a sugar high and cholesterol scare so I was happy to go without the maple syrup, vanilla and nutella in the end.

After all that effort I was only able to eat two pancakes because I was already full on the sweet smells. Typical. Still, a lovely way to spend the Sunday.

Happy Sunday to you and yours. And now, The Oscars!!

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