NYFW AW’14- Dennis Basso- Fur Fury

Sometimes less is more, so much more. Dennis Basso gave us a collection of furs on furs of furs on all kinds of fur, Cruella DeVille would approve. This collection was a let down because I was looking forward to what Basso had up his sleeves this season after his rather appealing SS’14 collection, in which there was fur but not this severe. He knows his clientele, I’ll give him that, the atypical Doyenne who lunches, a society lady, but what he did last season, which I was hoping to see more of this season, was to acknowledge the emerging power client, the contemporary luxe shopper and harness that new balance of versatility he struck. He didn’t. Instead Basso went hell for fur, bar eleven pieces in the forty-eight piece collection everything was either covered in fur or accented with it, in different colours…the hooded gilét would’ve suited Jenny if she was still on the Block but as it is, Jenny quit the block a wee while back. Really though Mr Basso.

This was disappointing because it took away from the element of the clothes, I couldn’t concentrate on the detail or the form. It was all just so much fur!

Some of the evening wear were a tad palatable, the bandeau ball gowns in splish-splash prints and barest of accessories, a cute A-Line bedazzled shift that looked out of place in the melee of fur, the embellished gold and red evening gown was easily my favourite piece but even going back to look at the stills, it was hard to concentrate with all that fur. As I said, disappointing but then again Mr Basso does not design for the working class, heck not even for the middle-class or the nouveau riche so…yeah.