Brunch- Anything Goes

I love an unstructured day out. Anything and everything is possible and for this we need sparkly shoes. We just do. Picture this, you get a text from a friend,

a bunch of you are getting together, meeting up for brunch in Kensington

…groan. You don’t really want to deal with the tourists down there, but it could be worse, it could be Central London. And you don’t really want to spend the day in bed either. What the hell. You text back;

K, I’ll meet you outside the Mac.

Where else Right? You need a new Kohl pencil anyways.

You jump out of bed have a bath, your hair is not really cooperating with life right now so you just put it under a woolly hat. What to wear? What to wear? You spot your fun grey jumper in a pile of on the chair, smell it, its clean, throw it on. Your distressed jeans will work, so throw that on too. Shoe? Yes you need to wear shoes today as opposed to the UGGs you’ve walking around in all week, but you don’t really want to wear schlepping shoes. You remember your sparkly shoes, they’ll wake this look up. Nicely done. Smack of red lippie, liquid liner, mascara, pinch your cheeks. Done. Keys, phone, diary, charger, lip gloss, hand cream, wallet, brolly…it all goes into the Mulberry Bayswater. And don’t forget the coat, throw in a curve with something ladylike to keep us a step away from schlumpadinka.

After spending a half hour in Mac buying much more than just Kohl pencil because you suddenly remembered you wanted an extra lip pot and a new shade of red lipstick….oh oh look they have your perfect blusher! you end up in My Old Dutch pancake house, feast your face on an indulgent brunch so very well deserved. You pop into Topshop, Zara, doss around in the park swapping stories, never mind the cold. You look at the time half the day is gone then someone says; Let’s go Karaoke. Someone will always suggest Karaoke because; Girls.

And you don’t know how or when, but you find yourself up on stage in a dingy bar in the west-end, lip syncing, I Will Survive… Best brunch ever.

1. Jumper- Markus Lupfer. 2. Woolly Hat- Eugenia Kim. 3. Coat- Miu Miu. 4. Handbag- Mulberry. 5. Jean- Rag & Bone. 6. Shoe- Christian Louboutin.