Sophia Webster- The Game Changer.

I’ll admit. I’m not much of a shoe lover, handbags do it so much more for me than shoes. I find shoes just a little less investment worthy because they are rather like cars, wear and tear diminishes the returns. But a handbag only ages like fine wine and you can pass it on from generation to generation. That’s just me.

What I do like however, and appreciate is a shoe with a different preposition and that’s where Sophia Webster comes in with her collection of shoes that make you do a triple take and then some. She’s a dab hand at the whole quirk thing working a sweet curve into the fashion forward movement. Nary a boring pair in sight. Her play with colours is as imaginative as her interpretation in design. Whether its a floral polka dotted smash, jelly heeled sandals, (Jellies never looked so tempting) brightly coloured butterfly embellished pump or just something classic black with a peep toe, Fun is the overarching theme but with just the right tease of sexiness. Wonderfully whimsical yet demurely divine.

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