Mango- Violeta Plus Size Collection

Mango released Violeta, its Plus size range and all I can say is MEH! We were all so excited that the spanish label and junior sister to Zara decided to release a more inclusive clothing range for its customers, bad enough their sizing is atrocious but we forgave them for that with this announcement, only to be met with what I can best describe as a sloppy collection, unimaginative and dull. Bar a few pieces; the black dress, the leather jacket and blue polka dot pants, I cannot really think of anything worth my dime.

What is it with designers who cannot make clothes for women bigger than a sample size, aka most every woman? Why can’t women just be allowed to be women when it comes to fashion? WHY is everything such a reach?!!

Most offensive are the shoes, especially the granny style shoes. Seriously? Don’t even get me started on the elasticated waist denim pants…YOU REALLY WANT US TO WEAR ELASTICATED WAIST PANTS WHEN ITS NOT CHRISTMAS?! SERIOUSLY?!  And what is with the ugly schlumpandinka cardigans and the bland colours?! Oy Vey!! Nothing about this collection stands out; they should’ve just stuck with what they already have and tried to improve upon it- because Mango is a dying label on the high street, thanks to the rise and rise of Zara it pales in comparison- than delve into a world they clearly haven’t the slightest clue about. Who do they consult for these things? All you have to do is plough through a plethora of plus size blogs to get an inkling of what exactly floats the market. Not this mess.

And whilst we are on the subject of plus sizes, size 12 or 14 is NOT PLUS SIZE. Whatever the hell that means anyway. Its bad enough their regular size range is two sizes off.

*chucks everything*