Almond Body Butter from The Body Shop

body shop copyI have very dry skin so the winter is cruel to me, English winters are hard out here and the struggle is real y’all. I try much as possible to stay hydrated but it doesn’t always do the trick, moisturising is in several layers and some baby oil. I once found salvation in Neutrogena Emulsifying lotion before it got discontinued then I stumbled upon the Body Butter range from The Body Shop several years back, I’m talking when it was still going for a fiver… I fell in love with the Cocoa and Shea Butter for “Very Dry Skin” two of their most moisturising butters. A few years later, they introduced Almond Body Butter and I can categorically say its the absolute BEST thing for my dry skin. It is not even for “very dry skin” like the Cocoa and Shea Butter, its just for “dry skin” but it works wonders on my skin and lasts a good twelve hours at least, leaving my skin nice and supple, no coarseness or flakiness. Much better than the other two which are very good. Then it was discontinued much to my chagrin. But every other sale it comes back and retails at about 60% off the current Body Butter selling price of £13, so you get it for £5. I buy at least ten tubs to last me the year. Nothing has come close to Almond Body Butter.

The sale is on and its still available so if like me you struggle with dry skin, go there now, I cannot recommend this enough.

Save some for others though 🙂