Lena Dunham on the cover of Vogue US

Lena Dunham makes the much coveted Vogue cover. It wasn’t a big secret per se, we already knew that she was Vogue bound but to be honest I’ve no idea what the fuss is over the cover of a magazine, it doesn’t make or break careers anymore. Or does it? Lena Dunham was already a bona-fide before Vogue and she will continue to do so after. Gone are the days when Magazine covers mattered because nowadays they have any old reality TV star on it and I loathe this age of celebrities on the covers with a passion because its just a bloody bore and a whole lot of noise….anyway, I digress.

I do like this cover. I like that its so typically her, I would expect her to make this expression on a normal day, and I want to believe this shot was chosen because Vogue wanted to stay true to who she is; I say that with a huge side-eye. Massive credit to the make-up artist because she looks absolutely stunning, no drama, no gimmicks, simply beautiful. I like that its close cropped but I’m positive there will be some noise about this, there shouldn’t be because its really no big deal. We already know Vogue is averse to a woman bigger than a size 2 on their cover and their constant sameness of such shots when it comes to a women of varying body types from their status quo speaks to their lack of imagination quite frankly.

My favourite shot is of her in the Celine coat on the subway, bottom, a wonderful juxtaposition, everything about it works. With Annie Leibovitz everything always works.

What I do take serious offence to is the play with words; “Hey Girl” SERIOUSLY?!! “…Queen of Comedy” Really? Vogue couldn’t even come up with fresh terms for this? So damn clichéd but so damn Vogue, so why the hell am I even surprised.

Gorgeous cover, terrible, TERRIBLE words. I could really just scream.