Scandal S.3 ep.10; A Door Marked Exit.

Damn y’all I completely forgot I hadn’t done this post before my sabbatical for the year…My bad.

This was an episode that left me mostly angry. Angry especially at Olivia and her shenanigans. URGH!!

But first things first, lets talk about the crazy Sally Langston. The bible thumper herself has committed the ultimate sin. She took her husband right the way out. Like Kray Kray out. She just kept going and going and going…even after he died she just wouldn’t stop. She had to take out years of frustration and anger on him. Years she had to keep his secrets. Years she had to deal with a daughter who could not keep her legs closed because you know, that’s his own fault too. And to top it all off, Daniel Douglas was threatening to leave her…after years of putting up with his mess he decides he’s had enough of her…Sally was not having it. RAGE!

Cyrus, Cyrus, Cyrus is the king of all evil. Of course he orchestrated this whole thing and who does Sally reach out to, Cyrus Bean King of Mean that’s who. So he owns her now. Whatever game he and Mellie are playing its obviously going to get darker and more sinister because these two do not know when to call time on their shenanigans or they’ll just end up destroying each other because they are too much alike.

As I was saying about his episode, I was left mostly angry at Olivia and now even more angry with Fitz.

Liv is scrambling to fix her fuck up after she let her mother go before she realised that oh oh, she might just be a terrorist. She realised too late because she was busy playing super lover with the president and did not have her head where it should have been all along…IN THE GAME!! So no she has NO RIGHT to take her shit out on Huck who had his head in the game all along or at anyone else for that matter because she is the one busy playing away in Vermont when everyone is scrambling to cover her arse. I hate weak Olivia and Fitz makes her weak, so weak its unreal. She becomes dumb when she is this weak. Those two are like the country of the blind leading themselves into a brick wall because they are too into their stupidity to think or see straight. Olivia is busy pining away for a married man and Fitz is too busy chasing up her skirt that he can’t even be bothered to do his job instead he is hiding in a bunker with his girlfriend’s mean Papa playing a game of beat chest, puff out I’m gonna get you sucka!! WHAT AN IDIOT.

As for Quinn. I’m over her, whatever the hell she is playing at I’m over her neediness and stupidity and I do hope she gets taken out by B6-13 because she has become a character of repetitive idiocy its beyond redemption now. That’s all I’ll say about her.

So back to Fitz and his foolish self.He kidnapped Papa Pope because you know, the president has nothing better to do with his time than run around and do his girlfriend’s bidding. It isn’t enough that he kidnaps Command but he goes one step further and tries to step up to Papa because you know, Olivia has fed him that whole, my daddy tried to keep my mother away from me for over two decades so I’m just so screwed up I need you to protect me from the big bad Papa bear, line so he basically tries to get a rising out of Papa, goading him about screwing his daughter and what not…I mean seriously what a bloody idiot. I wanted to slap in him through the TV. oh but Papa Pope came prepared and gave him the read of all reads…

“You’re a boy. You’ve been cuddled and care for. Pampered and hugged. For you its always summer time and the living is easy. Daddy’s rich and mama’s good looking. You’re a Grant you’ve got money in your blood but YOU ARE A BOY. I’m a man. I have worked for every single thing I have ever received. I have fought and scrapped and bled for every inch of ground I walk on. I was the fist in my family to go to college. My daughter went to boarding school with children of Kings. i made that happen. You cried yourself to sleep because daddy hurt your feelings because Papa banged his secretary, because it hurt so much to have so much money. You spoilt entitled ungrateful little brat. You have EVERYTHING handed to you on a silver platter and you squander it. You’re given the world and you can’t appreciate it because you haven’t had to work for anything. So now you’ve decided that the one thing you want is MY daughter. My child. Mine. What I made. What I created. You could talk about what a great lay she is to try to get a response from me all you want. But guest what I am actually, quite literally about your pay grade which means that I know that you believe you are in love with her…You love that she is a door marked EXIT. You love that she is your way out because if you are with Olivia Pope you don’t have to fulfil your father’s dream of being President. If you are with Olivia Pope you no longer have to be your father’s son. An apple never falls far from the tree. You are always going to be Senator Grant’s disappointing boy Fitz. SHE is always going to be the formidable Olivia Pope. Don’t use the person that I made to make you into a man. You’re a boy. Sadly BOY I know everything about you. You disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter’s hand.”

AND SCENE. Don’t ever say Papa Pope does not love his daughter because he does.

We find out a bit more about Mama Pope. She’s an East London gyal who dropped off the face of the earth at age sixteen only to resurface under different aliases, infiltrating governments, trading secrets to anti-American groups, stealing classified documents from the CIA etc, which is obviously where Papa Pope comes in. Only, she made him do something so unforgivable I cannot even begin to think that there is good in this woman even if Papa Pope is not the devil she is definitely evil. Making him shoot down a plane of over three hundred people…just because.. Papa Pope is no saint but where Olivia is concerned he has a really soft spot and he was the one who took care of their daughter whilst she was out there playing terrorist.

David Rosen is coming into an Defiance-Albatruss type situation with VP Langston so you know he’s going to be all up in Olivia Pope’s business.

Fitz is smarting from Papa Pope’s read I guess because he outs him as command and puts Jake of all people in his place. JAKE!! You just know that they are going to make this about Olivia and piss all over the place and screw things up. Its going to be one big dick swinging show down between the both of them and they’ll lose sight of everything they are supposed to achieve then Olivia will be in the middle or they’ll just try to kill Remington…who the hell knows with these two idiots. But there you have it. Very angry indeed.

The last play put me all up in a knot though… Olivia receives a phone call and guess who’s on the other line…Mama Pope.

I’m still flatlining…

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