Scandal S-3 Ep.9 YOLO. (More Like WTF?!!)


“Liv seems smaller, slower. It’s not like Liv.”

This statement from Huck typifies this episode because Olivia falls one step behind and she realises things a moment too late. Back in the day, Olivia Pope would’ve been on it like white on rice…

From the top-

Quinn is getting the Huck friends and family discount special after finding out that she is a part of B613 working for Command to double cross Liv. Huck and his tools come ready to play. This scene is as creepy as it gets but Huck plays it so damn well. The saliva though…EW!! Still I am not sorry to see Quinn in such a predicament because she brought it upon herself. She wanted to drink whiskey well then now she’s got the whole damn bottle. You don’t go poking your nose in other people’s business and not be prepared for what you come out with. As they say, if you want to kill the King, prepare to dig a grave for yourself too…or something along those lines. But serves you right QUINN!! SERVES YOU RIGHT! Still, Huck, anaesthetic would’ve been nice. I’m passing on my next six dentist appointments. No Uh.

Sally Langston has to choose between God and Politics. Heaven and Hell. The Lords’ Prayer or The Pledge of Allegiance… she needs to make a that choice otherwise she will not be elected into office as Leo rightfully points out to her- Jesus will not get her elected. But there is also the Daniel Douglas problem that Sally has on her hands, after making such a grandstand to Fitz, calling him out on his shenanigans and being all “I’ll see you on the battlefield” along comes Cyrus with his trick play but homegirl Sally is not phased she’s like, go ahead, do you worst. Bury me and bury your husband too. See if I care…oh that was good and for the first time in his life Cyrus does not have a come back for that.

Jesus was obviously taking the wheel on this one because Cyrus Bean King of Mean cries…oh dear God Cyrus comes undone and its all his own doing. There is no extent he will not go to in his crazy allegiance to Fitz but here’s what I don’t get, why can’t he just let James in on his plans? He might be surprised but he keeps testing his limits with James who is just one shenanigan shy of losing his rag and going all loco on Cyrus. Somebody is going to kill somebody first and my money is on James. James is nothing like Fitz. He is the good guy. In that scene with Mellie and Cyrus, two lovers finding solidarity in their spousal issues…its sad. Too sad.

Okay! Gladiators at the ready! Lock and Load.

A few episodes back I started working on the theory that Mama Pope could be a terrorist, only because it was precipitated by episode Three- Mrs Smith Goes To Washington. As good as that episode was, it felt a little off kilter this season, terrorism and bomb threats and the FBI and CIA… it was just so out of nowhere but its Shonda Rhimes, nothing is ever as it seems. It got me wondering if Mama Pope was working with the cell that Mary’s son was working undercover in…I know its far too far fetched, considering he was killed some fifteen months ago and all but I cannot help but wonder if there is something about that, that relates to this that relates to Remington. There’s something more to that episode because it was the first we were alerted into Fitz’s secrets, secrets he cannot tell even Liv, the great love of his life. That terror issue has to be linked somehow to Mama Pope… its all very muddled.

Either way, the Gladiators are back in action mode with their suits and helmets and white hats and what not, ready to solve the Mama Pope situation and I am glad to see them all on my screen. Something about Mama Pope does not sit okay with us. Papa Pope is not the devil we think he is, turns out he has only been working to protect his daughter from finding out the truth about her mother, and we see a side to Rowan we didn’t even think existed. The scene where he admits that he takes no pleasure in killing, its a hazard of his job that cannot be helped… hmmm. He is not a saint but he is the lesser of the two devils between himself and his wife. B613- I am less inclined to be so sinister about him now. Truth and Time…(my bad Justin Bobby)

Mama Pope has something to do with Remington, maybe everything and Papa Pope will do everything he can to make sure that file stays out of public knowledge and Olivia never finds out, that is his achilles heel. Olivia’s world will shatter to pieces if it ever does come to light, which we know it will.

We were right not to trust Mama Pope.

“Dead Mama Pope’s” answers are readily available when Abby gets rogue on her, it flows so smoothly and its too convenient. Liv is uncomfortable around her mother and its not discomfort of being away from her for twenty-two years, its discomfort of something eerier. She keeps trying to put her finger on the it and when she does its a moment too late; she’s on the military flight out of the country to Hong Kong ℅ Taxpayers dollars via the President. Mama falls back into the Mother-Daugther routine between herself and Olivia so easily, its a sign of guilt. She’s all Livvie this and that. She goes on to give the Mama knows best schpill when they sit to breakfast and you can see that Olivia feels something is off with her mother, you can see the hesitation in her and she won’t allow herself fall into this routine with her mother. You can sense her doubts but as Huck says she’s slow on this one because her emotions seriously cloud her judgement.

The mother-daughter moment between Liv and Mama Pope though, its touching. When Mama Pope inquires about her daughter Liv says she has nothing to tell other than her work and her life and its true. She cannot admit that her life has been hanging in the balance because she is in love with a man and in Facebook relationship status update, its complicated…and that is nothing to telll. For all her fixing prowess, Liv is the one who needs fixing and A LOT of therapy.

Mama Pope had a play all along- get her daughter to sort out her exit from Eli and law. She knew Liv would be able to fix her it was all part of her plan. This was no a mother-daughter reunion, for Mama Pope Liv was simply means to an end. I believe she knew Liv would be able to sort out her tracking device and get her out of the country, she saw the clippings from Eli in the last episode so this was her shot.

Some mother she is.

We are about to get a glimpse into Harrison’s past thanks to the recurring mention of Adnan Selif. There has got to be more than fraud in his past for Harrison to get so spooked at the mere mention of his name. Well, Mr Selif is on US soil and Harrison better answer his phone when that call comes through. I, for one, cannot wait to get to the bottom of all this.

So now…

Sally Langston is about to become the next client of Olivia Pope and Associates because she’s committed a sin and whacked her husband of course and now she belongs to Cyrus. Why the hell will she call Cyrus though…Geez.

Is Liv going to be able to make amends with her father before Quinn carries out her foolishness, not that she will anyways.

Remignton. It all comes back to Operation Remington and Fitz and Jake’s play in that.