Casting Couch pt 3; Fifty Shades of Grey.


So the last time we did an update was when the two leads were cast for the movie and since then, as you will already know things have changed. Hunnam out Dornan in!! Not my ideal Josh Hartnett, dude I am still convinced 200% that Josh Hartnett was born to be Christian Grey, BUT I know I cannot always get what I want so I will have to settle for the next best thing.

I hate the fact that this movie release has moved from August 2014 to Valentines Day 2015. HATE with a passion, its just such a cliché but I see what they were going for.

Oh and they were having issues with the script so they had to have another writer come on board and do some more work on it…I know, Oi vey!

But so far Casting wise its been good, very good then meh…

fifty tea

Jamie Dornan cast as the sexiest fictional character of all time, why Mr Grey of course, is damn good. I like this casting A LOT. If it wasn’t Josh Hartnett it had to be someone with his mystique and Jamie Dornan has it. He is right on the cusp, he’s not a big enough name to over power the movie but he’s got the chops. He’s under the radar enough and he’s Irish!! I’m a sucker for Irish actors so I LOVE this! He will do just nicely.

max martini

One I love even more than Jamie Dornan’s casting is the casting of Taylor, Christian’s right hand man. Max Martini I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. I FREAKING LOVE IT. Its so perfect because Martini already has that, smooth operator will kill or take a bullet for my boss, type roles anyway. Hello Revenge! I’m good with this. So good.

fifty dakota

Okay, so as you know I wasn’t that hot on Dakota Johnson playing Ana Steele and whilst I am still not that hot on her playing Ana the pictures look convincing enough. I just want her to do a kick ass job.

On a random and rather surprising news tip, Rita Ora has been cast as Mia, Christian’s sister…Oi dios Mio! Look I like Rita, seen her live she rocks a house musically, but playing Mia Grey…not something anyone pictured by a long shot. It’ll be a bit part role and all, and I know that they need some popular names for fillers because, lets face it, this is the most anticipated movie release in a long time but also for that reason, anyone playing Mia would’ve done just nice. I don’t know, maybe I’m being nit picky but its not resonating with me. I mean is it just me? Do you see it too? Let’s tweet about it.

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