London- Selfridges Holiday Windows

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas in London, late night shopping events, champagne evenings and whatever else retailers do to attract customers over the festive season. But I am always more enthralled by the windows, especially of the big department stores because you can see the creativity really come to life. Harrods has won two seasons hands down for their spectacular window displays but not far behind is Selfridges.

I’ll be honest, this year I’m a tad underwhelmed with Selfridges because it doesn’t really have a narrative, its just a bunch of super sized presents on the Christmas Wish list. Maybe I’m just biased by the Harrods Windows but I like cohesive imagery, something I can make up a story about. Whilst this is cool, without a doubt it is, its just a bunch of products placed on a pile of snow. I appreciate the attention to detail though, chalets, skiers, snowboarders, penguins, pines, santa clause, etc. it makes it work even better. Its not the most creative of windows but its still a cool window display and you should definitely go see it. Brace yourselves though the tourist outside Selfridges are particularly relentless. Favourites are The Fornasetti Window and the little ski village, I’m thinking somewhere over the alps…

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