10 Things I Already Hate About 10 Things I Hate About Life.

When a possible sequel or spin off, more like, based on 10 Things I Hate About You, titled 10 Things I Hate About Life, was announced last year, I thought, surely they must be kidding. Surely this cannot be happening. And when production went on hiatus I thought this might be a sign that they’ll leave well enough alone. But, as it turns out, as I learnt through twitter, (where else?) Hollywood is intent on making this happen. Gil Junger, writer of the script, who also adapted the original from Shakespeare’s Taming Of The Shrew, says this is a “story that advances the situations from the original Ten Things I Hate About You…” Variety. Oh puhleeze. More like banking on profit by association.

I Hate this in so many ways and for so many reasons, I can’t even begin to tell you how much. Here are 10 reasons anyway…

Ten Things I hate About You

1. I Hate that Heath Ledger is dead.

And this film is only going to remind us just how much the world lost out on his talent and how talentless a bunch of actors are.

2. I Hate that this is a movie that “advances the situation…’

Whatever, its just gonna suck.

3. I Hate the way I’m predisposed to hate anything that is remotely related to the original movie but I love the way I hate anything else.

4. I Hate remakes, sequels, advancement etc.

Save for a few, most are bullshit.

5. I Hate the way this film suggests the original was inconclusive. It wasn’t.

6. I Hate the way this film suggests that the original was imperfect. It is PERFECT.

7. I Hate that Hollywood is really pushing its luck with us.

There are a BILLION books out there, within the same genre, just waiting to be adapted into movies. I can recommend PLENTY- Hopeless. The A-List Series. Spoiled. The Edge of Never etc. Get on it.

8. I Hate that I might have to see this and relive my hate for it all over again. I HATE IT.

9. I Hate the new cast already.

I don’t even know them but I hate them because the original cast was perfect.

10. But most of all, I HATE THE NAME. A LOT.

Except for very few movies this year, Hollywood has chucked a bunched of half arsed, half baked movies at us, as if it were scrapping the bottom of the barrel so I understand the need for remakes and sequels. However, the problem with Hollywood is Hollywood itself, a town that operates very much like most of the High school cliquey movies it makes. There is very little room for newness or difference, so they stick to what they know.

Its obviously not working. 

Thank you to @StyleIT (Sarah Conley) @Reena_Rai (Reena Rai) @ClaireMBiggs (Claire Biggs) @_fabuloscity (Kathleen) for inspiring this post and sharing my outrage 😉