Enough Said.


Its almost glaringly obvious how much Hollywood will miss James Gandolfini, besides playing the main character in one of TV’s finest series in a long time, there was something about him, something soft and laid-back, and unpretentious. He felt like someone who never sweated the small stuff but was immensely grateful for his life. He felt genuine.

Enough Said is a funny and romantic movie about dealing with the aftermath of finding yourself in that not so pleasurable middle-age phase of dating and romance, especially in the wake of a divorce. Its about reacquainting yourself with something you’ve left untended for a while. Eva and Albert are two divorced parents facing the same said dilemma and add to that, kids going away to college. Eva is a masseuse and Albert is a TV archivist and after a chance meeting at a party the two start dating. Eva is a bit of a neurotic who over analyses everything and has something of an inappropriate relationship with her daughter’s best friend. She is terrified of the loneliness that will come from her daughter being away at college, so much so she invites said best friend to live with her when her daughter moves to college. Albert who is getting over his marriage to an ex-wife who finds fault with his quirks and blames him for everything, is easy going and laid back. He is not trying to be suave or charming, he’s a bit clumsy, droll even but there is something about him.

enough said eva

Eva’s new client is Marianne; a poet and Albert’s bad mouthing ex-wife she later finds out, which puts her in a bit of a pickle. Its only a matter of time before she starts looking at Albert through his ex-wife’s eyes. Oh dear…

This is a charming heartwarming movie, the dark humour in parts, the imperfections of the characters and the smooth mellow pace makes it worth a watch and it kind of reinforces certain clichéd sentiments on life and moving on from the past. I love the fact that this does not elongate or complicate that whole getting to know you phase in a relationship, this is a story about two grown ups who get to know each other and navigate the relationship as it comes along. There are no rules, no tests, no funny business.

You should see it because the writing is fun and funny, witty and wise. The acting is perfectly matched and the fact that James Gandolfini is an actor that left us way too soon, before he showed us all he had to offer.

Enough Said.