London- The Harrods Holiday Window.

The Holiday.

Starring The Knightsbridge Set.

Lady Knight

Harrods Windows Shopping Trip

Meet Lady Knight, she’s just popped into Harrods to do serious damage on her cheating husband’s Black Amex. The tabloids are having a filled day at her expense and she is here to have one at his. She’ll be on board the Six O’clock Express to Gstaad for some much needed time away from this mess, but first things first, the essentials. Alaia, Balmain, Chanel…You know what they say about wives, wardrobes and cheating husbands… its gonna cost you.

The Holiday Express.

Harrods Holiday Window-TRAIN

All Aboard the Six o’clock Express to Gstaad, let the drama commence.

Lady Sloane.

Harrods Holiday Window- Mystery Ex

The mystery Lady in the Red dress, You know a lady in red is one of two things; a trouble maker or show stopper. Well Lady Sloane is here to cause trouble. Ruffle feathers and share secrets. Who knows what a night on the Express will bring?

The Assistants

Harrods Holiday Window-ALL ABOARD

The Long Suffering Assistant to Lady Knight and the Porter checking her out. You know before they hit their destination these two will end up in his standard class cabin, for some “therapeutic” sessions. There’ll be little clothes, very fine champagne and caviar involved. Oh the stories they’ll tell.

The Scorned Wife in The Royal Suite

Harrods Holiday Window- The Mrs

Lady Knight is ensconced in her cabin, away from prying eyes, listening ears and whispering lips, with the babies; a trio of British bulldogs. Word got out that she’s on board but she is not here to see or be seen, she’s here to get away. With a dashing butler at her service all evening and the need to get even, she may never leave her cabin… Those flowers from Lord Knight will not cut it. Not even a little bit.

The Gossiping Twins.

Harrods Holiday Window- The Gossiping Twins

Arabella and Isabella Kings. Famous for their wild nights in hotel rooms and one too many scandals, the twins too are in need of downtime but its looking less likely considering they are sandwiched between two women with so much in common…oh oh. The Six O’clock express with the Scandalous Set on board. Who said downtime had to be boring?

Viscountess Kensington.

Harrods Windows Mystery Lady in First ClassThe mystery lady in first class, two doors away from Lady Knight. The wife of Lord Knight. The man with whom she’s been having an affair. They were meant to go on this trip together but he cancelled on her thanks to breaking news of their headlining affair on every tabloid. She went ahead without him anyway, despite his instructions not to, because she’s curious to know just what Lady knight has over her. Of course she’ll have to stay at the Alpina now that she has been unceremoniously evicted from that sprawling Knight mansion that should have been her residence. Ugh.

Sisters at War

Harrods Holiday Window- Competing sisters

Catherine and Evelyn Warring. Everything is a competition between them, this trip included. The war is on the slopes and for once Catherine will put little sister in her place. She is not about to lose out to her again, three boyfriends and a husband is quite enough loss to suffer at the hands of one’s jealous sibling. She is putting a stop to it once and for all, even if it means dropping her right into an avalanche. Sister Sister.

The Band- The Saxes.

Harrods Holiday Window- The Band

Hottest band on the scene right now and they want to kill each other. A last minute booking by their manager saw them on The Express to play for the Bridge Annual Winter ball in Gstaad. Baron Bridge made an offer they couldn’t refuse. Hopefully, they’ll get it together before reaching their destination or else they’ll be one member short, or two…

Dinner in the King’s Suite.

Harrods Holiday Windows- Ex-Mrs, Mr and Mrs

Baron Bridge. Baroness Bridge and the Ex- Baroness Bridge have decided to have dinner and broker a peace treaty in their union, if only they can get the ex-Baroness to agree to a ceasefire that is. She hasn’t quite forgiven the Baron for leaving her for a younger woman. Her secretary of ten years! The little hussie. So Peace be damned, she’s mad as hell and will not play nice. Not this time. And certainly not after twenty-five years marriage and three children.

Drinks with exes.

Harrods Holiday Window- Drinks with the Ex

Remember Lady Sloane in the red dress, she wasn’t supposed to be on the train but she heard over afternoon tea in Claridges, that her ex-best friends were planning a trip to Gstaad with their respective partners and she couldn’t very well pass up an opportunity for a scandalous holiday. She loved going to Gstaad with her ex-boyfriiend who is now boyfriend of one her ex-besties, same ones on the Express, who colluded to break up her relationship. The Six O’clock Express is the perfect place for a reunion and to let the truth out. Over drinks. She knows something the boys don’t know and she is in the mood for sharing. Call it her good deed for the holiday season.

The Confrontation

Harrods Holiday Window- The Confrontation

Over in the next carriage is another drama unfolding… One man and three women. Someone’s been a bad boy and now he’s caught in the cross fire of furious women… “its not what it is” He says. When is it ever Xander?

The Extras

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This is going to be one hell of a train ride.

Over the past couple of years  Harrods have nailed it with their window displays. I don’t know if its the change in ownership or that they have hired a new display team, whatever it is, its working. Superbly. Its the only reason I would leave my house on a Monday night, dressed in pyjamas and UGGs, oversize coat to shield the schlumpadinkaness, board the tube to Knightsbridge just to take pictures of the windows. It was one of those WTF moments. I timed it perfectly so that there were no tourists about.

If you are in London don’t miss this spectacular window display.