Zara Leather Collection- Flattering Imitations.

I never go to Zara for clothes for the simple fact that their cut is way off, its two sizes too small and they don’t cater for hippy chicks like me, its very rare that I find something that fits and flatters my shape. However, what I do go to Zara for are the accessories; shoes, handbags, scarves etc. They run a mean game when it comes to these, even if they take inspiration from some other well known brands…who doesn’t? My favourite sunglasses are from Zara and they cost £9 in the sale and are exactly like the Chanel half tint sunglasses that costs a hundred times that and change. One of my favourite handbags is also from Zara, a suede tote, costing all of £30, also in the sale…

Zara Collection

Zara bags are way up there when it comes to high street, matter of fact Zara is the king of High Street High Fashion because it does a good job of keeping things contemporary without looking too trendy or tacky, unlike Primark where trends go to die, Zara has a unique formula that works for it. Never mind that the staff are some of the worst at customer service, a thing noted by too many, their products come up trumps, in terms of quality and fashionability- at least Zara Woman. Basic is a bit hit and miss and Trafaluc is what it is, but even at their most basic, its a bit more elevated than the other high street brands.

The limited leather collection has me in a fuss, obsessing over some pieces, like the Celine trapeze and Hermés Kelly wannabes. If you don’t have thousands of Pounds lying around to splurge on Celine and Hermés, Zara has come up with the best High Street version of the iconic accessories, at almost a tenth of the price. Upon close inspection, the quality and craftsmanship are up to snuff, clean, superb finishing and the bare minimum hardware; these are serious contenders. Even though its easy to tell where the inspiration comes from, they’ve observed the points of difference and come up with something so easily Zara and worth every penny.

And at those prices, really, what’s not to love?