Brunch- Rolled Out of Bed…

Some days you just want a lie in, brunch in bed, Disney movies all day or a good book, someone to wait on you hand and foot, wouldn’t that be nice for a change. But its always on these days that you get that emergency phone call or a summoning to brunch either with your parents for a family meeting, best friends because of boy trouble or sister just because she’s your sis…there is always something. So this is brunch when you would really rather not. You grab the first thing you lay your eyes on, your leather skirt from Monday, the jumper from Wednesday and the casual Friday kicks, your week day watch because its still on your night stand…yes, those will do just fine. No time to fuss with hair and makeup so you do what you can; top knot, mascara, red lips, done. Don’t forget to grab your phone, keys and credit card. One last look in the mirror, grab a scarf, out the door. Ten seconds later, rush back in, grab your sunnies because the sun is out, one final check in the mirror, out the door. You’re good.

1. Jumper- Alexander Wang. 2. Sunglasses- Acne. 3. Leather Pencil Skirt- The Row. 4. Watch- Michael Kors. 5. Sneakers- Jimmy Choo. 6. Handbag- Mulberry. 7. Scarf- Rick Owens.

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