Winter Is Coming; The Boots.

In this round of Winter is Coming, I’m talking boots for all and sundry. I love Autumn Winter dressing, not so much the biting temperatures and slush and aftermath of a beautiful snowstorm that forces us into ugly attire, but the kind of temperatures we are having now, the cooler temps, dry days that still demand a proper dressing up. The Coats the Cashmere,The Scarf, The Gloves and The shoes. I adore it all, its a season that demands the utmost of your wardrobe.

The Shoe Boot.

Winter boots; shoe boots

These have attained something of a cult status over the years, the shoe boot reminds me of the house mistress in boarding school with her high bun, glasses on the ridge of her nose, buttoned up and laced up shoe boots, I’m sure we all had someone like that at school. The shoe boot is versatile for days when you don’t really want to chug on boots but you still want to look smart and sharp, its the nice medium.

The Ankle Boot.

Winter boots; Ankle

Ahhh the ever faithful, old reliable ankle boots; no wardrobe is complete without one, just as versatile as the shoe boot, maybe a little less so, just a tiny bit, but the ankle boot is an all time essential for cooler temperatures, that works with most any ensemble. Jeans, dresses, pants etc. over the past seasons designers have given us varations and I am feeling what Church’s is doing with that tan number. Feeling it.

The Sexy.

winter boot; the sexy

Every girl needs a pair of sexy boots in her wardrobe for the winter, you know those days when you’re going for a date after work or you have the big meeting, or cocktails…your shoes should do some talking before you do. What better way to wake up an outfit than to throw on a pair of your sexiest heels? Gucci I see you. Those shoes are above and beyond.

The Mid-Calf

Winter Boots; Mid Calf

This is a trickier trend than most because of that awkward cut they give at the calf, it can be rather unflattering but on the right person with the right look, it works wonders for an outfit. In other words, go with your gut…

The Wedge

Winter boot; the wedge

Wedges are a saviour, nothing beats the comfort of a wedge heel and I for one am glad to carry it on into the winter months in boot form. Its not to everyone’s taste but there is plenty more versatility to be gotten from the wedge heel so don’t write her off just yet. Maybe start with the Jil Sander-ish wedge, leave the McQueens to the expert.

The Knee

Winter boots; Knee

Classic, Essential. Functional. The boot that stays tested and true come winter. I love a good dress and knee boot ensemble. I die for the skinny jean tucked into the tan knee boot, Breton top and navy blazer look.

The Biker.

Winter Boots; Biker

Over the seasons, like the shoe boot, the biker has attained a place in the fashion savvy wardrobe. The  ruggedness of this trend throws off a look and switches it up into a completely different get up. Its a style elevator, a great punctuation to all that pretty. And the McQ biker jacket style heeled biker is on another level of amazingness.

The Riding

Winter boots; Riding

If you don’t have a pair of Riding boots, you need one. FACT. Now we can all look like we are going away to the country on the weekend with a pair of riding boots on. Throw on with floral midi dress, it couldn’t get more country than that but there is a lot more use for this trend and the sensibility of the heel for one, make it another indispensable piece for the Autumn Winter wardrobe.

The Over-Knee.

Winter Boots Over the knee

Sexy for days. This is a winning trend, its in your face and demands a certain kind of swag from the wearer. It commands attention. This is not for the faint of heart its for the bold and daring, to see and be seen in. I am here for all that sass.