Scandal S3. Ep3- Mrs Smith Goes To Washington.

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Washington played host to one Mrs Nesbitt, mother of Chris Lawrence who was killed under the patriot act for crimes of terrorism. Mrs Nesbitt is convinced there was more to the story than meets the eye and after several fruitless attempts to get answers as to why her son was killed, she took her campaign to Washington. Strapped with a bomb made from glue gun…Don’t try this at home kids

Houston, we have a Remington problem. An intruder in the White House unknowingly causes the perfect diversion for Mary Nesbitt to go in with her bomb to her congressman’s office. And guess who should be heading to the same office whilst everyone is running out; OLIVIA “WHITE HAT” POPE. Of course. Liv’s gut tells her something is off when Quinn hacks into the bank account of Mary Nesbitt who was at the office of Pope and Associates seeking their services earlier, to find it cleared of all funds. It smacks of something disturbing and she heads over to Capitol Hill to find out just what Mary is up to…Liv plays mediator between Mrs Nesbit and the FBI team of negotiators, she risks being named a terrorist and intercepts the shooting of Mrs Nesbitt at the hands of the FBI, because she senses there is more to this than what the FBI is letting on and you know Liv is a dog with a bone once she gets her teeth into it.

Liv goes a round about way to get to Fitz through Jake…take a moment and marinate on this; Liv calls her ex-lover to call her lover or whatever Fitz is to her, to get answers; talk about your isosceles love triangle. But Fitz takes the smidgen of delight in telling Jake to tell Liv that he couldn’t save the day. Bitch Fitz. Bitch.

Enter Olivia Pope and Associates to the rescue. Liv dispenses her Associates to get to the bottom of things but today is the day Huck decides to take a personal day and you know, go settling a score with Command, aka, Papa Pope.

What the hell happened in Remington? We all want to know because its quite obvious that Papa Pope is hell bent on keeping it under wraps. As is the FBI, Cyrus, Fitz and just about anyone who has a hand in it.

Liv has friends in the right places; enter David “the law” Rosen, after giving him her signature Olivia Pope read he too starts to smell a rat.

Cyrus, still smarting from Rosen’s play over Defiance, tries to dismiss David with the usual Cyrus Bean King of Mean Speak only, David has grown MAJOR cojones and badass gene since his unintended internship at Pope and Associates so he flips the script on Cyrus and soon enough Liv learns the truth from Fitz;

Chris Lawrence is not a terrorist, he is a national hero and the FBI screwed the pooch when they killed him. In the interest of National Security Chris Lawrence cannot be known as anything but a terrorist. Mrs Nesbitt is heartbroken and she blows herself up never knowing the truth, which royally sucks.

Liv does not even have the time to collect her Birkin bag and Donna Karan coat, ugh That coat was that and a half…I digress.

Now that Liv knows Fitz was in on this mess and was willing to cover this up; how will she take it? How will she handle him? He has no issue lying to Mrs Nesbit even if the chances of her coming out alive are slim to none. For a moment we think Liv is going to go contrary to Fitz’s order and tell Mary Nesbitt the truth about her son, I really wanted her to.

Mellie is a top dawg in Scandal and all credit to Bellamy Young because she plays the hell out of this character. In the wake of the bombing, she decides to drink herself to stupor. Here’s the thing about Mellie; she wants to take down Olivia by herself, anyone else doing that would be cheating her out of her own happily ever after. Liv is hers alone to take down. Liv dying is a loss to Mellie because then she’ll have truly lost Fitz but as she says to Fitz about Olivia; “she’s your flaw” OUCH. Liv is Fitz’s weak spot and Mellie is happy to throw that in his face. Liv is the ultimate pun in her war with Fitz because with her alive, Fitz will dance to the tune of her music. Bow down for Mellie Grant.

‘I’m all killed out today.” Huck cannot go through with killing Papa Pope as he set out to do, so he settles for the next best thing, the man with links to Remington. That scene where Huck cries and Liv is worried that he killed her father, chills. Papa Pope has an ulterior motive and he has too many cards to play right now and Olivia is one of them. When the shit hits the fan who will he protect? Liv? Himself? Remington?

It funny seeing Liv care about her father in such a way but as Papa Pope said last week, they are family, no matter the bad blood between them, they’ll always be family but she also knows that with her Dad around there will always be strings to pull. Its why he released Jake from the hole and in time we will come to know what Remington is and why Papa Pope wants to shut it down.

scandal s3 ep 3 jake

Something about this episode tells me Liv is about to be on her game because with her father there is always a reason; nobody can walk away, not even her. And in her gut she knows Jake has not been released because of Sunday dinners. Still, it gets sweeter when Jake tells Olivia envisioning her face saved him for the most part in the hole. I love Jake for Liv, much more than Fitz but with Papa Pope around these two have a very slim chance of anything.

Tough day at the office, Liv downs a glass of her favourite liquid; Red Wine. Surprised she didn’t go for the bottle.