Brunch; Just Kickin’ it.

Sometimes all a girl wants is comfort in her style, make that most times but fashion and comfort are like water and oil, something’s mostly gotta give and often times its comfort in the name of style and we grin and bear it. This is brunch of sweet comforts, coming from the dramatics of fashion weeks its only natural to crave some downtime in the style department but without letting the side down. I live for a good grey knit and Rick Owen does a good grey knit amongst other things, the softness of this draped jersey top is all the comfort you need and then some, I love the languidness of it. Flared jeans, where have they been all this time? The rise of the skinny jean saw to the relegation of this once upon a wardrobe essential but it lives, for some of us, it does. Flared jeans are like a savvy best friend that knows you even when you don’t know yourself, it fits in all the right places and flatters in others, especially for hippy girls like us, its a saviour, as are these mid-rise (hallelujah) pair for Gucci. The Mulberry Bayswater Shoulder bag provides all the slickness one needs, the floral Superga trainers comes with sweetness. Raybans because why not?

1; Rick Owens Draped Jersey Top. 2; Rayban Sunglasses. 3; Gucci Mid Rise Flared Jeans. 4; Mulberry Bayswater Shoulder Bag. 5; Superga Trainers.