Phillip Lim- 31 Hours on the Go

There are good bags, nice bags, pretty bags and great bags, the Phillip Lim 31 Hour bag is all of the above and then some. Its an oldie…(can we now call her that?) but a goodie. It took a while for me to warm to this bag because I prefer a solid shoulder bag with the added benefit of a long strap, pockets, some hardware etc. but something about this handbag that kept me coming back to her, and now, I am head over heels in lust and love with her. Its the day to day, day to early evening, bag that will fit everything. The beauty of it is the softness, the lightness and the versatility. The feel of the leather is heavenly. The fold over zip flap that forms part of the bag allows you carry it in a number of ways; arm through the handles to the base, as a proper handbag, even a shoulder bag. Throw in your daily essentials and extras; IPad, Mac, books, newspaper, spare shoes, nylons, cardigan… Its practical and compatible with any lifestyle; it isn’t weighed down by hardware; a silver zip running through and we’re done. Naturally, my go to colour would be black but this camel is above and beyond fabulous and the perfect shade. Pragmatic and Practical and above all, beautiful; Phillip Lim nailed it all in one.

Details; two handles, fold over flap, internal zip fastening.