NYFW Day 4 Pt 1. Boy meets Girl, Pret á Couture, 90s throwback and Samba

Sunday is always a good day at NYFW, for some reason the going always gets good on the Sunday in any season its a given and this Sunday did not disappoint.

Victoria Beckham


As you should know by now, I am a HUGE fan of La Beckham (I feel like I say this every time I mention her in any post, but I am) and I always root for her with every show, in fact I get a little nervous for her because I want her to keep shutting her critics the hell up so it should come as no surprise whatsoever that I absolutely loved her mainline collection…it was a good ‘un I promise. Mrs B has cornered the market on making girlish looks look boyish cool, which is exactly what she did for SS14, Peep shows and flashing of pleated under garments, rounded outerwear over flouncy tops worn with long boyish shorts and geometric laser cut detail. She kept things in her signature Beckham way, fuss free and crisp and rounded off by a certain charm.



When this brand debuted in February at New York Fashion Week, I knew they were onto something not least because it injected a breath of fresh air and direction into what was becoming a rather predictable cycle of shows. For SS14 Delpozo, inspired by Corot’s painting of a, Gypsy Woman With Tambourine, Josep Font showed off his chops with a collection that has its roots in couture, volume tempered with appliqué with such sensual feel, lush soft colours and floral prints. The flared shorts paired with a cropped high collared top was softened by delicate folds and soft pleating, gingham with sunflower patterns. A solid, solid outing once again. And so exciting.



I’m a child of the 90s so much of this collection appealed to me; pinafores, overalls, trench and hooded duffer coats. I was back in my element, throw on Zhané’s 90’s girl and I’ll be there. What Donna Karan does with her DKNY label is stay true to its roots of that ultimate New York feel, its street style as its supposed to be but this collection was classed up with the Little Dresses, without question my favourite pieces of the show. That little blue dress with black inserts…are you for real? LOVE. There was a lot to be had here, looks that defined an era for us who remember; body suits, school boy blazers, pinafores, oversize trench thrown over slinky dresses, remember those? and baseball hats. It was a great kind of energy. On the other hand, the whole monogram movement is back…will you or won’t you?

Tracy Reese


I was distinctly underwhelmed by Tracy Reese’s last show because it was just too much of everything without much of a direction but I’ve loved Tracy Reese for a long time, hers is a story that appeals to me, the whole at first you don’t succeed thing is endearing. As was her SS14 collection.  Full circle skirt, loose cropped tops, lace, fit and flare, and top hats. On the other end were more sporty type themes, bomber jacket, striped jersey dresses and knits. I loved the juxtaposition and attitude, loved her use of tropical flowers and colour. Even the models looked like they were enjoying themselves. There was something for FLOTUS but also the woman who just wants to samba the night away drinking Sangria and smoking a cuban…or something. You know, if that’s your thing.