Brunch; Summers’ End.

And so it is, the end of summer is upon us. I can’t tell a lie its been a very lovely summer personally and otherwise, welcoming a new addition to the family, celebration of life, wonderful time with my nieces and I made great strides in other areas. I hope it was the same for you. As we wind down to the end of the season, before the frenzy of fashion week, back to school, back to work and all that other madness, there’s time for one last blast with family and friends . This is brunch with bunches of fun. But when is brunch never fun right? Give your legs one more go round, wax or shaven, polkadots are perfect because its such an darlingly everlasting trend you cannot go wrong with it, as you won’t go wrong with these cute shorts. Summer whites are all right with this look and it doesn’t come more adorable that this box-cut crop shirt. Who’d have thought box-cut, crop and adorable would go together? Topshop obviously makes it work. My favourite ever sunglasses make a cameo and although I cannot justify spending £695 on a pair of sunglasses, that’s a Marc by Marc handbag and then some, these sunglasses are the cherry on top of any look. Disrupt all that white with colour and neutrals, a la Red and Leopard prints, fuss not, fret not, Enjoy. Salut.

Here’s to a glorious new season to you and yours.

1. Shirt; Topshop. 2. Sunglasses; Bottega Veneta. 3. Cross body bag; Chloe. 4; Shorts; J. Crew. 5; Flats; Charlotte Olympia.