The Ugly Shoe Sisters.

Ugly shoes are having a moment and I am here for all of that and then some. I appreciate the variety in footwear nowadays, thank goodness, there’s something for one and all. Oxfords and Penny loafers are all time classics and there is something so distinctly cool about them; its a mix of comfort, refinement and that indescribable something. An understated style with a show of confidence, its rebellious, inelegant, and non conformist but oozing serious fashion chops in the style department, after all, style is first and foremost self expression. There’s a rogue element that comes with wearing these, one that says you don’t take your style too seriously; it is just what it is and some days penny loafers win over stilettos.  They are perfect with cropped trousers, tailored shorts, throw off the primness of a circle skirt, perfect with jeans, even pretty girly dresses.

Wing tip Oxfords; Church’s. Penny Loafers Saint Laurent.

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