A shade of Grey.

barry m shade of grey 293

I’ve been obsessed with Barry M nail polishes for a long, long time and they are seriously good stuff; long lasting, hard wearing and pretty colours. I especially adore the gel nail paint collection in the really bright colours of which I have several… soon come. They’re cheap as chips; £2.99; Boots and Superdrug often have 3 for 2 offers so you can’t go wrong there, but tried and tested, they last a long time.

One of my favourite ever polishes is 293 Grey from Barry M; the best ever shade of grey. Ever. In my opinion, nothing has come close to it and I should know I’ve sampled all the shades of Grey; pun intended there but not of the Dom-Sub kind…lol. Thick enough to go with just one coat but if you double up it won’t be an issue. It glides on smooth and works with any skin tone. Get it girl.