Brunch; the morning after…

…the night before. You know the one where you went from the club to god knows where. You never made it home to your bed that’s for sure. So we’ll say you crashed at the boy’s crib and woke up with the mother of all hangovers; that’ll teach you. You’re starved and you could eat a house. Quick shower, toss up your hair into a respectful bun, take off those fake lashes still dangling on, wipe your face properly, we know you just slumped into bed in full fake face, and start with the basics; tinted moisturiser, blush and gloss. No more. Those shorts which you conveniently left behind that one time, they come in handy now so throw those on, his shirt because you can’t wear the barely there bralette you wore to the club, observe some daylight decorum. Flats; you’re a smart chick so you never go clubbing without flats in your clutch, these squishy ones from TOD’S are perfect. Throw on the shades to hide the tales of last night. Dab of perfume et voila.

1. Men’s Shirt; Denham. 2; Sunglasses; The Row. 3; Clutch; Givenchy. 4; Shorts; J.BRAND. 5. Loafers; TOD’S.

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