5Things with @allyinwondrland

Oh Ally, how I adore thee. Allyson of that delightful blog Allyson in Wonderland is one of those people you’ll look forward to hanging out with. There’s something about her, apart from the fact that she’s fun and witty and just plenty cool to tweet with, she’s like the friend who’d dare you to jump into the ocean and forget you’ll mess up your hair. Encourage you to live a lot, love and just take a chance, maybe go dancing in the moonlight, pun totally intended, or spend the day literally getting lost in Wonderland with the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts for company. Her style is unforced and she’s not the atypical style blogger; Allyson shares a piece of herself with you, like she does in this post and this and she has a way with words that makes you feel like you are with among friends. I adore her.

1. Love is;

Understanding and respect no matter what.

2. Never without;

water. I drink at least 12 glasses a day. I’m not exaggerating

3. Three things you’d tell your younger self;

– Ignore self doubt and do what you dream.

– Love exists.

– Don’t take everything too seriously.

4. Your ultimate fantasy;

To find peace and self fulfilment…while living in Paris.

5. A song that can make you dance anywhere, anytime;

Electric Feel by MGMT its my jam.

Thanks Ally. xo

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