Brunch; The Lost Weekend.

No, there won’t be heavy drinking and I promise we’ll only build pleasant memories here. If like me your life has been one long runaway train without a break, then this brunch is especially for us. We need a getaway. QUICK! Call the girls or grab the boy, throw some food together, rent a convertible Jeep, put the roof down, and hit the road nice and early. The soundtrack for this day; Corinne Bailey-Rae; Put Your Record On. Go ahead, please let your hair down before it explodes, quickly followed by Somewhere Only We Know- Keane. Its time to stop, drop and get back in sync with what’s important. Throw on a romper nothing could be more ideal than an easy one piece, slip on your loafers let your feet feel the ground, toss in everything in your to-go tote and be on the go. This leather trimmed canvas tote from Anya Hindmarch gives this look a certain charm and ease. I live for and love a good grey cardigan, take one with you to ward off the early morning chill. When it comes to accessorising this look only the simple classics will do; Ray-Ban aviators, so pop ’em on. Pull your hair together into your best messy bun, maybe go without make-up or something light; moisturiser, lip gloss, mascara… Set off at dawn, drive away from the city, cheat everyone else and enjoy the best part of the day. Indulge in the pleasure of this time with your nearest and dearest, on the wide and free road just for you. Stop for a moment to watch the sunrise and listen to the sound of the morning. Nothing will ever top this.

Continue on your journey, you’ll know when you get to the destination; it’ll be vast, green and inviting. Spread your blanket, set your food, eat, drink, laugh and play all you want. This day is going nowhere, time will stop and this moment will be yours, so make the very best memories. Someday soon, lets go and get lost together, me and you.

1. Romper; Topshop. 2. Cardigan; Equipment. 3. Sunglasses; Ray-Ban. 4. Leather trim tote; Anya Hindmarch. 5. Suede loafers; Gucci.