Madam Reads: Spring-Summer a-z. R, Reading List.

My all time favourite summer tradition is to read several books from soppy to romance, classic to crazy. Its the most blissful and rewarding tradition there is. Not to mention affordable. In no particular order here’s my pick of what to read, feel free to tweet me your recommendations.

1. Salem Falls;

salem falls

A dark story with an underlay of romance and something witchy in the mix; when young girls get bored and adults don’t pay attention; this is what happens.

2. Unsticky


before Fifty Shades there was Unsticky; a supremely written and even more witty story. For Grace Reeves life sucks until she meets a stranger who can make it all better, give or take a few provisions.

3. Genevieve;


the first book I read from Eric Jerome Dickey; this book is drove me insane from the very first page. So beautifully written and poetic. You never really leave the past behind until you face it and put it behind you.

4. The Edge of Never;

The Edge of Never

What would you do if you could get up, get out and never look back? Camryn sets out to find out just where life can lead if she learns to take a chance on it.

5. Just a Family Affair

Just a Family Affair

One chaotic family with too many secrets. Ex-lovers and the question of what might have been and where that could lead. I loved everything about this story and I want to go and live in Chilcote.

6. Hopeless;


THE BEST FIRST KISS EVER. This book was everything and then some more, this is what Twilight hopes it would have been. I loved the characters, the complicated layers to their lives, watching young love blossom and the big WTF. LOVE!!

7. The Bride Quartet Series;

happy every after nora roberts

Four books about for best friends navigating love, obligations to friends and family, lots of weddings and a certain sweet warmness. These books delved into layers of friendship and complications of romance and just what happens when lines get blurred.

8. Fifty Shades of Grey…

50 Shades.

errr yah of course this is on the list, I am obsessed with this story and for all that’s been said about it, its a pretty good love story. Give or take the Kinky fuckery, we can’t all have billionaire boyfriends but fifty shades makes you wonder what your life could be like on the wild side of romance. Let me know if you find out 😉

9. Gone Girl;

gone girl

the book that swept us off out feet and drove us insane. This is what war in a marriage is really like; power struggle between husband and wife. Who will come out on top? The aftermath of romance; when the dust has settled. And why being uncool is just okay. Man! this book was kray and SO DAMN GOOD! .

10. The Great Gastby;

gatsby book

if there is one book you should read, its this book; simply because its arguably, but in my opinion, the best book every written and in such a small volume remains very relevant especially in today’s world where there are no limits. This is a book that lived beyond its generation to remain relevant for ours. And will continue to be for generations to come.

Here’s to a witty summer. xo

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