Brunch a la Madame

I mean this couldn’t be more perfect if it tried…it has me written all over it. This is brunching my way and for that, dessert is the only food group that matters. There will be cakes and macaroons, mimosas and champagne, long conversations and eventually, shopping. We will have dinner at some point, of the most decadent ice-cream because 1) its summer and 2) why the hell not? There is never a bad time for ice-cream even in the winter. Style will be of the comfortable variety but don’t worry there are no velours up in this. The sweater says it all. I’ve always fancied skinny combat pants and they don’t come better than J.Brand; a brand that seriously understands pants man; especially the pant to bum drop ratio for women. Shoes, one of my fashion secrets is that I prefer flats to heels most days. Sorry, So NOT Sorry. I mean I’ll wear the heels but flats are always about my person so for brunch, which will go on and on, the iconic horsebit loafers from Gucci in this high octane yellow is just the thing and it hits that perfect mark between style and comfort. The 31 Hour bag because this could be a 31 hour brunch if I have my way, and sunnies, of course sunnies, my life is incomplete without a pair of sunglasses and there will be sunshine for days.

So all that’s left to say is; let’s have brunch.

1. Sweater; Zoe Karssen. 2. Cargo Pants; J.Brand. 3. Bag; Phillip Lim. 4. Loafers; Gucci. 5. Sunglasses; Illesteva