New York, New York- Liz Eswein.

I love New York, it’ll always have my heart. There is no city quite like it and I doubt there ever will be. Its so full of life and fun and juiced up on energy. There is always something to do, some place to go, to see…everyday is an adventure and its one of those places you must go once or twice of three times in your lifetime.

Liz Eswein aka @NewYorkCity on Instagram and @NewYorkCityLiz on twitter, is the ultimate New Yorker. She makes me LOVE New York even more, if that’s possible, she makes the city come alive in her pictures and you just fall in love with it over and over again. If there’s one thing you should do right now, if you haven’t already done it, its to follow her Instagram account you will not be disappointed.

She takes enchanting photos like these;

Or Iconic ones like this;

liz instagram1
The Chrysler Building

With every shot she gets the vibe, that energetic feeling that embodies the idea of always wanting to be there and never wanting to leave. Its love affair captured in pictures and it gets you.

Here’s Liz on her beloved City…

Tell us about you in three sentences or words.

Oh, I don’t know! Umm, I love chocolate, I love the city and I think I might have a little shopping problem (sometimes) 🙂

How would you describe New York to someone who’s never been in one word?


If they had just 24 hours to spend in New York where should they go? What should   they do? Eat and See?

Go for an early morning walk in Central Park – it’s quiet and you have the park all to yourself! Walk around as much as possible – stay clear of the “touristy” spots – explore, get lost (but not too lost!).

Walking is the best way I’ve been able to explore the city. Go to the Top of the Rock for some of the best views of the city.

Grab an ice cream sundae downstairs at Bergdorfs.

Walk through Union Square’s farmers market  – one of my favorite city treats.

Go to Frankie’s in the West Village for dinner and sit outside to people watch.

Tell us a little bit about your awesome Instagram account; What gave you such a marvelous idea?

I’ve always taken little snapshots of the city on my phone and decided to make an account where I would share them. I NEVER thought in my wildest dreams that it would have garnered this type of response!

Your best loved neighbourhood and why?

I have a love affair with the West Village – the small streets and shops steal my heart – but the East Village has some of my favorite small restaurants!

Brunch in New York is a religion so where are the best three spots for Brunch?

Ohhh, this is such a hard question!

1) Bubby’s in TriBeCa for the yummiest pancakes

2) Gemma at the Bowery Hotel for their baked eggs, avocado and prosciutto

3) Penelope’s for their nutella stuffed french toast (OMG).

Best place to shop; Uptown or Downtown?

That’s a tie…too hard to choose!

Best Place to eat; Uptown or Downtown?


Because its so important where’s the Best place Coffee?

Orens Coffee – my personal fave!

And finally, what is it about New York? Sum it up in a sentence…

The people, the places, the shopping, the food, the culture, the music, the art, the style, the energy! There’s really no place quite like it.

And there truly isn’t.

Thanks Liz. xo.

All images from Liz Eswein.