GoT. Season 3 ep9- The Rains of Castamere

got rains



That’s how I still feel several days after watching this episode. This is the only episode I will watch once and never ever again. OMG!!! Like Srsly WTF George R.R. Martin what in the flipping &%!k was that? WHY?!! For heaven’s sake WHY? Why would you do that? We’ll NEVER BE FRIENDS!! LIKE EVER!!

Arya and the Hound draw closer to her reunion with her mother and brother (tears) and along the way she shows The Hound the stuff she’s made of when he accuses her of being too nice because she won’t allow him kill a man; she hits the man over the head with a stone which does the job of stifling The Hound. We meet with Jon Snow and his posse of Wildlings; Snow is put to the test when he is told to kill a horse rearer to prove his allegiance. A test he fails and flees on a horse leaving poor Ygritte behind. Bran’s Warg powers are advancing as he is now able to possess people’s minds as well as animals…so there’s that. He sends Rickon away with Osha to keep him safe from whatever will come their way as they journey on… I’m becoming very tired of these bunch.

Danny, her dragons, army of unsullied and advisors have sacked the city of Yumkai. A battle orchestrated and successfully executed thanks to the expertise f Daario all bloodied up and what not. I don’t know that we needed to see this so late in the series when we could’ve done with it in one of the more quieter episodes. Still, any victory for Danny is a good one in my books.

Then we have the Red Wedding. As you can tell I am chomping at the bit to get to this. Let us take a moment to mourn the loss of Lady Stark, Robb Stark, Talisa and their unborn child…

Now I fully understand why Lady Stark was weary about Robb breaking his promise to mad Lord Frey. I understand why she was not so welcoming of Talisa because she was the object of Robb’s failed promise. Her son was lured by her beauty to break his word. And what a bloody scene. I know, I know, wasn’t I the one wanting for BLOOD in the last review? Well I got blood but it was much too much and the wrong kind. This was heart breaking and sad. Earth shatteringly so.

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Let’s talk about this.

Robb Stark is nothing like his father because if Ned Stark had made a promise to mad Lord Frey he would have kept his word; he would have married one of the Frey girls and gained favour with Lord Frey. For Ned Stark is, above and beyond, a man of honour and acts for the greater good. Robb may have the honour and decency of his father but he doesn’t set much store by it, it is not his guiding principle. If it were, we would have avoided this mess but Robb’s punishment at the Red Wedding far outweigh his atrocities. WHY GEORGE MARTIN, WHY? However, the one quality he shares with his father; the belief that men who take arms together will hold their word and their allegiance, is his downfall. His trust proves to be his weakness the same as it was for Ned.

Lord Frey and Lord Bolton, kin by marriage, only seek to serve their own interests therefore betraying Robb Stark in such a way to show alliance to the Lannisters should not come as a surprise, especially when Lord Bolton releases Jaime to his father, but damn…

Even more painful and heartbreaking is the death of Lady Stark. In life and in death I feel for her. She suffered immeasurable loss and tragedy, from Bran’s fall to the death of her husband, losing her home and never knowing what has become of her other children; she died without any form of comfort or even forgiveness to herself. Fairley carries us along the emotional burdens of Lady Stark the many complexities of her life, trying to reconcile her husband’s infidelity and accepting his bastard son, the guilt of leaving Rickon and Bran behind, betraying Robb by releasing Jaime and never knowing what has become of Sansa and Arya. She carries with her to the grave; a mother’s guilt.

The chilling scene was set so well and we were drawn into it without the faintest idea what was about to befall us until it was too late.The pleasantness of the night and the merriment of the wedding baited us with a false sense of security. And then there is an eeriness; everything that happens from then on is just one jaw dropping bloody mess that breaks our hearts. The stabbing of Talisa in her womb, killing her child and killing her. Robb’s death at the hands of Lord Bolton passing on the regards from the Lannisters and the cutting of Catelyn’s throat…knowing that Arya was outside as as her family were murdered so brutally and the look on her face as she witnessed the killing of the wolves…

George R.R. Martin, you’re dead to me. For now.