See- Andrew Salgado at Harvey Nichols

Every single window change at Harvey Nichols feels like Christmas has arrived early. Its literally free art for everyone and mostly subject of my instagram feed. This time is no different, in the Menswear windows the luxury retailer exhibiting commissioned paintings from the very talented artist Andrew Salgado. Each done in different colour tones, capturing a myriad of emotions, distinct and striking. The mix of the clothes with such imposing art, the cool mess, the colour compositions…EVERYTHING about this is just so damn awesome.

Salgado’s paintings embody a deep and raw realness of people, with a stroke of his brush he captures the years, the lines and the emotions, especially in the eyes. There’s a coarsesness in his lines, a ruggedness to his characters, there’s no prettification, each subject feels real and laid bare.

These paintings are of real everyday people, some he met briefly others are acquaintances, he manages to capture their different personalities so masterfully, each one strikes a different chord and resonates in a most mesmerising way. The wild and fluid play with colour does not limit the personality of each subject rather, it enhances it, makes the paintings come alive and more emotive.

So captivating


Dave and Dan.


Tyler and Nathan


Tom and Fin

If you are in London you should get down to Harvey Nicks NOW and just enjoy them, they are up for another two weeks in the Sloane Street windows.

View more of Andrew Salagado’s work here. And see this exhibition here.