Yesterday, the 22nd of May 2013, we witnessed the very worst of humanity. At about 2:40pm two men attacked and killed another man in John Wilson Street in Woolwich, South-East London, in the most brutal way. They crashed into him with their car and then hacked into his body with meat cleavers and knives. They then dragged him to the middle of the road to show off their savage work. In broad day light, a few yards from a primary school and an army barracks. They proceeded to justify this horrific act with religion saying, “We swear by the Almighty Allah we’ll never stop fighting you until you leave us alone…” They encouraged people to take their pictures and were happy to be tapped on cell phones as they spewed their lunacy.

lee rigby
Drummer Lee Rigby

The Victim was Drummer Lee Rigby, from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment Fusiliers. 25 year old father to a 2 year old son. He was returning to his barracks, The Royal Artillery in Woolwich, when he was attacked. He was unknown to his attackers. He represented everything they abhorred; courage and bravery, everything they never had and will never have.

Today, military personnel have been advised not to wear their uniforms in public and this saddens me to no end.

There aren’t enough words to condemn this but for now; Damn these people. Damn them and their warped views on life. Damn them and their fatalistic fanaticism of religion.

This was not as act in the name of any religion for NO RELIGION preaches hate or condones the killing of a fellow human being. This was evil in its worst form. These animals do not represent anyone, not religious group or ethnic culture, they stand alone in their bile of hate. There will never be justification for this type of violence, there is no place for it in our society. The victim was a hero, who put his life at risk for the sake of our liberties and freedom, this should never have happened, especially not at home where he should have felt the safest.

Terror  instils fear and terrorists thrive on that feat to spread hate but we will not buy into their propaganda because if we do, they win and Terrorists should never win in the war of Good vs Evil. Never.

In the same scene where we saw the worst, we also witnessed the very best of mankind as several women stayed with the victim and tried to manage the situation whilst putting themselves in great danger. We truly salute you.

Terrorists will never win.

To the family of Drummer Lee Rigby, the nation mourns your loss, we carry in our hearts and remember you in our prayers. Always. May God grant you to solace to bear this loss.