GoT. Season 3 ep.7- The Bear and The Maiden Fair.

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The one where it looks like nobody will get what they want. With cameos from Dragons, a bear and a big awww moment. And Jaime Lannister comes out tops.

We are now at an impasse proper in the series but this felt like the calm before the storm. Nothing much happened but as always there was just a tease of action to keep un wanting more. This was written by George R.R. Martin and more than anything this episode brought us up to speed on what we need to know before what I hope will be an epic finale. Just three more to go!!

Jon Snow and his lady-love Ygritte have really grown on me. Who knew sex could wake up a character like it did Snow? The disparity between their worlds is increasingly becoming more obvious as he tries to educate her somewhat about his life before the Wildlings. The windmill scene is especially cute as is Ygritte pretending to swoon. Oh to be young and in love. The conversation quickly turns testy when talk becomes about The Wildlings impending seige on Castle Black, which Jon believes they will lose, just like they have last the last six times. Every King before Mance has died fighting this battle. Ygritte believes in the plight of the Wildlings enough to use her favourite line when she is talking to him; “you know nothing Jon Snow”. They may be lovers but when it comes to her world he still remains a novice in their ways. Then again is Ygritte friend of foe, remember Jorjen’s vision says Snow is surrounded by enemies. Her words only reinforce the difference in their worlds and to this end her loyalties may be conflicted when it comes time for her to make an alliance. As Orell points out to Snow, he doesn’t know how things work with the Wildlings. Am I reaching a bit too far here?

Scenes like these only serve to remind us that ultimately there are sacrifices that will be made and if it comes at the cost of love then so be it.

Sansa, darling little dove, confides in Lady Margaery about her reservations on the idea of marriage to Tyrion, chief amongst them is that he is a dwarf. Considering this type of simple thinking is so atypically Sansa, remember when she was going to be married to Joffrey and have their blonde babies, its no surprise she pulls off this scene so realistically. As would every teenager who has to date the not so cute guy. Lady Margaery in trying to help Sansa make the best of her situation informs her Tyrion is rather good in bed but it only serves to make her Sansa even more horrified at the thought of sex with him. Tyrion too is getting no joy with Shae who is rightfully disgruntled that he has to do as his father says and get married to Sansa. She suggest they quit King’s Landing but Tyrion shuts this idea down. What becomes more obvious is Tyrion’s acknowledgement of his lot in life; he is a dwarf born into a rich and powerful family take that away from him and he may as well be dead, for his chances without the power of the Lannister name behind him are really dim.

Oh dear God! It happened. Theon Greyjoy gets castrated and without anaesthesia. In the previous recap I made of a point of calling Theon’s torture pointless and boring and whilst I take no joy in it, I couldn’t help but draw comparison between his situation and Jaime’s. Jaime is another character who has suffered the same fate, he gets captured, released and recaptured loses his hand along with his dignity, but suffering this has made Jaime go from regular arse-hole to alright guy and has gained the sympathies of the audience along with our understanding. Being knocked off his lofty perch has humbled Jaime somewhat and in a way helped him evolve as a character; he saves Brienne for the mere fact that he wishes her no ill will and even after he is freed, he returns to save her again in the final scene of this episode. As a character going through a similar fate Theon as shown no such signs of growing or common sense. His predicament shows him as more of a pathetic character than anything else. Ultimately, he serves no purpose at all not even being tortured…I wonder where the show will go with his character.

Robb Stark gave us a big awwww moment when he finds out that Talisa is knocked up with his child. Now that his uncle is safely married to mad Lord Frey’s daughter he has brought himself some respite with a skittish as Robb alludes in the previous episode he is losing the war despite winning the battle so this new development gives him some room to breathe. Which is good now that Talisa is with child. Robb’s troubles have been through his own doing but for now, his seige on Casterly Rock looks to be taking shape. This child on the way gives a new dynamic to his story and less cause to worry. He is still none the wiser about his brothers fate neither does he know the whereabouts of Arya or Sansa’s fate now she is not marrying Joffrey, therefore the new baby Stark is a welcome news for them. Speaking of Starks, what is Lady Stark’s problem with Talisa? She didn’t force Robb to marry her and they are very much in love. I’m bored of her sulky looks and her coldness towards her. Her character seems to have hit a brick wall which is a shame considering how enamouring she was in seasons past.

Khaleesi is on a slave saving/army building mission. There is so much meat to this character and Emilia Clarke is doing it justice this season, which is a marked change from when she played Queen turned socialite in season two. She is coming into her own as Queen and her audaciousness with the Yunkai slave master is brilliant and she didn’t even have to “dracarys”. Her stance with the slave master when he refuses to free his slaves and pay them fairly, sends a message more to the slaves in the room; she is their crusader, they will be free under her, which will ultimately guarantee their allegiance to her.

Arya escapes the brotherhood, now that they have sold Gendry she knows she cannot trust them, she is nothing more than an eventual bargaining chip to them, the price for a Stark runs high in Westeros. However, she runs into the hands of Clegane aka The Hound. I want to believe she is safe with him but only time will tell.

In something of a role reversal Brienne finds herself, being rescued by her charge and once upon a hostage Jaime. It eats Brienne alive that she failed in her task from Lady Stark and beats herself up every chance she gets. But once again, just like he saved her from being savaged, Jaime saves her again this time from a wild bear set to kill her. Him and his one hand. This alludes to my earlier point of his growth this season and tells more of his honour than anything else. The scene between himself and the doctor when he talks of saving all of King’s Landing gains him even more respect. As they say around these parts, he is a top lad.

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