Brunch on the Riviera.

Lets have brunch in the French Riviera. Why not? I love the Cannes red carpet because its easily the most sophisticated with oodles of glamour and panache. And after that car crash of the Met Gala Punk red carpet we could do with a bit of glamour and sophistication. The trick to mastering this look is ease and comfort in your own skin. Had a late night? It shouldn’t be obvious the next morning. The lady of the Riviera is dazzling no matter what, with poise the comes so naturally to her. She has that indescribable something about her, no matter the time of day and her life is a constant series of faultless cool. The essence of this look is steeped in luxe simplicity, nothing can be too overpowering and if one thing is, everything else balances it out. The Bohemian base is often a good place to start and your accessories should be the supporting cast. You should stand out without being obvious about it; your aura should do the talking for you. The gold Alaia gladiators excellently compliment this dress, the oversize Miu Miu clutch and mega oversize sunglasses from The Row, both in black, perfectly evens this look out.
Remember the basics; grooming is everything with this look, your hair should be easy and fresh with a perfect bounce, manicure and pedicure goes without saying but nothing garish go for a soft hue, powdery soft and none of this nail art nonsense. Moisturise like your life depends on it. This is a look that says much about you without you having to say anything at all.

We call it the look of quiet sophistication. Bisous.

1. Maxi; Chichia 2. Sunglasses; The Row. 3. Oversize clutch; Miu Miu. 4. Flats; Alaia.