GoT. season 3 ep.6- The Climb.

got the climb

The one where something happens, then nothing happens, the something happens and all kinds of Tom Cruise-esque drama!

I suppose we have hit the middle-ground in the series where a whole bunch of nothing happens to fill in the gaps whilst we wait for the action to resume. But the thing about Game of Thrones is, even when nothing happens, there is always something in the midst of that nothing. There was a reason for the something out of nothingness; the main players are kind of off doing their own thing; Khaleesi is gathering her army, ready to do battle, Joffrey the simple bastard is going to be married to Margaery, Jaime gave us more enough to ponder upon besides an eyeful of his Lannisters, though we get to see him in this episode as he and Brienne come to a parting of ways, Jaime though is reluctant to leave without her. Her fate is dim. Tyrion is still off being the Master of the coin and wallowing in his self pity. I hate a downtrodden Tyrion, short of his wise cracks and quick barbs. I do hope his fortune turns around soon.

What this episode lacked in dramatics it gave us in storyline and a bit of action. It wasn’t all fire spitting dragon action it was more mission impossible as the Wildlings FINALLY made their climb up that Wall. It gave us a bit of adrenaline, leaving us at the edge of our seats, and thank goodness because we needed something to happen with these lot; they are my least favourite in the show. Jon Snow is getting all kinds of cocky now that Ygritte has laid a claim to him. The part where Snow secures himself with the hammer to the Wall just a second before the rope was cut and managed to save Ygritte was right out of the book of Tom Cruise a la Mission Impossible. The most excitement they have given us in the series; they feel more like scene fillers than anything else, but this new development between Ygritte and Jon and the ex-pirate turned Wilding Orell gives a shake up of the sorts and it’ll be interesting to see where loyalties lie when the shit hits the fan so to speak.

Robb, phew! He’s out of the woods with Lord Frey who has now insisted his uncle marry one of his daughters…we still haven’t seen these poor daughters of his whom everyone is unwilling to marry because they are not all that cute looking. How awful for them. But his uncle has to take the fall for this. Here’s the thing about Robb Stark he is a conflicting leader that increasingly inspires little loyalties as his story continues. He marries Talisa when he ought not to, beheads Karstark when he shouldn’t have and now everyone has to clean up for him. You cannot serve a flaky leader, it shows a weak underbelly. In war you don’t need flightiness you need stability. He is an honourable but conflicted man who wants to eat his cake and have it, or is it have his cake and eat? I’ve always been confused by that saying but basically Robb you need to get your shit to gather. Stick to your guns, damn the consequences, fight. WIN.

Bran and his posse of dreamers etc are still on the move to Castle Black. Jorjen has an “episode” featuring Jon Snow who he says is surrounded by enemies. Osha and Meera have a little tiff about who’s better at skinning a rabbit and who’s the better hunter and 10 year old Bran has to call time out on these two. Besides making us wonder who is the enemy by Jon Snow, there was something unnecessary about this scene. Much like the Wildlings, this sextet seems to be idling along rather slowly. I love the dynamic they bring and no question Bran and Jorjen’s talent will come in handy but I would like some sort of uptake to this group they only seem to be stopping and starting and talking about dreams and crows…its a case where if we don’t see them we don’t necessarily miss them as such because they have hit the plateau and I’d like us to get to it already with them.

Lady in red Melisandre is back. She is sold Gendry by her brothers of the light and Arya is not at all pleased by their decision to sell him. Melisandre is astonished to find out the Lord of Light has resurrected Dondarrion from the dead six times, which tells us even she doesn’t know the extreme of the powers of her god and we are all the more intrigued about the depths of darkness this god possesses and just how dastardly it will be in the eventual war. Arya is not afraid to call out Melisandre on her witchcraft, this girl is fearless and she doesn’t mince her words with the brothers either in their trade of Gendry. And she is hell bent on revenge even Melisandre sees the eyes of her enemies looking at her when she stands close to Arya. “I see darkness in you and in that darkness eyes staring back at me…eyes you’ll shut forever…”

Okay, okay. I am OVER Theon Greyjoy’s pain and suffering. It seems completely unnecessary at this point and I see no reason for it. His captor tortures him for kicks. Please make it stop.

The scene between Lady Olenna and Tywin Lannister is one that I have been looking forward to, if only because I know Lady Olenna will not disappoint and she didn’t. They are negotiating the fate of poor Sansa whom Tywwin is desperate to hold on because she is a bargaining chip in this war with the North and he has no desire for her to be married off to Loras and shipped off to High Garden. Even I am beginning to sympathise with Sansa, the poor girl is suffering and just needs to be away from King’s Landing but it looks like she’s doomed to remain there until such a time when she is no longer seen as a pawn in any Lannister schemes. Lady Olenna is unfazed by Tywin’s show of power even when he chucks the truth about her grandson in her face to which she throws the rumours surrounding Jaime and Cersei back at him. Its really a show of power that even though she has to give in to him, she does so in style; breaking his pen. As if to say, now go get yourself another pen sucker.

We see a rare brother sister moment between Tyrion and Cersei as they contemplate their fates in the face of what they have been ordered to do by their father. Both agree that Sansa is the worse off in this deal and the moment when Tyrion has to tell Sansa is really just so damn heartbreaking. And Sansa weeping as the Petyr departs is too much to bare, I dare you not to have some compassion for her.

The most dramatic scene is between Lord Varys and Little Finger, as Little Finger reveals he was the one who sold out the Tyrells to the Lannisters and gleefully gloated in Lord Varys’ face. The difference between both men here is apparent; Little Finger just wants power for himself and Lord Varys wants things done properly, he is truly loyal to the realm and knows when to strike. Something tells me that Little Finger will get his eventually. Varys is more intelligent and his paitence will pay off in the end. Worse, Little Fingers sells Ros to Joffrey who kills her by using her for target practise. I will miss Ros, she was a whore with substance so to speak and I expected bigger things for her. Seeing her dead body hanging there with arrows in her is the most vile scene. And on this note…SOMEBODY, ANYBODY KILL JOFFREY.