Brunch; On a first date…

Brunch as a first date? Why not? It’s the option when you don’t want to sit through dinner but a quick coffee at Starbucks would not suffice. First dates are always tricky; the perfect outfit is always the sticky point. You don’t want to come off as too casual but you want to find the balance between being dressed and not too, too, if you know what I mean. Besides, who wants to waste an outfit on a situation that could go either way. Right? This is one of those situations where the shirt dress works perfect. Besides being a wardrobe saviour, like a blazer or the leather pants, the shirt dress strikes the right balance for any occasion…well mostly, you don’t want to wear it to a wedding or anything, but its such a thing where you can dress it up or tone it down. Hence its the perfect first date-brunch dress. A good way to say you just threw it on even though we know you were busy stressing forever! This Mary Katronzou x Current Elliot print works a nice touch, fun, cool and nicely quirky, the unfussy cross body bag gives that element of casual much needed for a first date and the shoes serve two functions; conversation starter and a compliment encourager. Guys notice our shoes and everything else, just like we notice everything about them. We’re human it’s our predisposition. At some point he’ll look down on your feet and say, ‘nice shoes.’ If he doesn’t he can be Jack and hit the road. The shades are an all essential part of the date for you to scope him out without being obvious about it. Trust me, he’s checking you out too, if you have a facebook page he’s probably gone to check out your pictures too. So use this as the much needed ammo. Hair should always be casual, no funny beehives or anything that you have to constantly fuss about, makeup light and fresh…Now turn on your charm and relax because you are the catch.

1. Shirt dress; Mary Katranzou x Current Elliot 2. Shoulder bag; Proenza Schouler 3. Aviator; Victoria Beckham 4. Studded flats; Valentino

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