Brunch; Cute in Mono

Brunch in mono

Everything about this outfit is intimidating because you mean it to be, right down to the cuteness of Mickey. This could be brunch with an old mentor or a new superior, but we’ll stick with the reunion brunch with the frenemies from high school. What could be more fun?! This outfit is prime for the battlefield because believe it or not, this is not a friendly zone, high school is never over. They are judging you, to see how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown; are you still the naïve little girl from back in the day? Yup. And they are seizing up every inch of your person, from your hair down to your tippy-toes. So make sure you come correct girl. Nothing beats the power of monochrome; black and white, says you didn’t really come to play nice, the sunnies are just that extra bit of attitude you need. I simply just DIE! for them. The vertical stripe cuts an edgy, very cool curve, the cute, too, too cute, embellished mickey mouse sweatshirt, adds little bit of cheek, the sling backs are an extra touch of laid-back class and the oversize clutch works more like an afterthought that says you didn’t try too hard, when we know you tried for several months to put this together, and you look slamming girl. Now, lets do battle.

1. Sweatshirt; Marc Jacobs. 2. Skirt; Marc Jacobs. 3. Sunglasses; Illesteva. 4. Clutch; Givenchy. 5. Slingbacks; Sigerson Morrison.