Eat- Ken and Jesse’s Perfect Cookies.

When it comes to dessert, few, very few, come close to a perfectly baked American style cookie. There are lots of cookie makers out there but very few get it right. I’ve found one of the very few and its pretty much at the top of the stack. Ken and Jesse’s cookies. I discovered them in Harvey Nics on my weekend schlep and I have fallen hard for them. I mean it doesn’t take much for me to fall in love with dessert of any kind, but this love is hard; I ate five peanut butter cookies on Sunday and that was all I had the whole day. Tell me that’s not love.

Ken and Jesse’s cookies are the closest thing to perfection; soft, moist, delicious and IT DOESN’T CRUMBLE!! This is the most important part in cookie making, the crumbling. Most bakers don’t get the texture to moist ratio right so their cookies tend to fall apart but Ken and Jesse’s have the perfect amount of moist and dough to hold the cookie together. There are three flavours- Classic chocolate with delicious belgian chocolate chips perfectly melted into heavenly tasting dough, White chocolate; heaven in heaven in all heavens this is beyond delicious and my new favourite a divinely tasting peanut butter. I’ve often shunned peanut butter cookies because I’ve never really tasted any that hit the spot but Ken and Jesse’s hit the sweet spot and then some more. There is a richness to the dough, you can taste the ingredients and it has a moreish flavour to it as it gently unfolds into your mouth with every chew. Ugh!! DIVINE!

I love their story as well-

it all started with our LOVE AND PASSION FOR FOOD. The quality, the smell, the taste, the ingredients, and the happiness it creates, we bring to you in the purest form possible- A WARM FRESHLY BAKED COOKIE at any time. How sweet is that.

Calories? What Calories. Go ahead and “bite yourself happy” because sometimes, only a cookie will do.

visit their website for more info on their Oven Programme and how to get their cookie dough.