GoT. Season 3 ep.3- Walk of Punishment.

GOT Jaime LannisterAnother week another damn cliffhanger and what a note to end on!! Bloody hell. This episode picked up the pace with a bit of everything and the return of my favourite characters. It opens with a comedic scene at Lady Stark’s father’s final burial rites. Edmure Tully, her brother, is shooting the arrow to set the body on fire before it disappears down the stream. One shot; fail. Two shots; Epic Fail before we reach the facepalm stage, Blackfish, her uncle, steps up and gets the job done. You couldn’t hold down the laughter here. There was more comedy at the table of the Lannisters, meeting of the Small Council; those damn Lannisters, they make the mafia rivalry look all cosy. There was chair dragging and positioning, was more like the twister of chairs in a show of who’s daddy’s favourite and trust Tyrion Lannister to make a comedically awkward situation even more funny when he drags his own chair to the other end of the table opposite his father. I’d say in this battle of chair dragging Tyrion won. That was before he was made Master of the Crown, a position once held by Little Finger, a demotion from the king’s hand or his rightful place at Casterly Rock as he demanded of his father. Something tells me Papa Lannister knows to keep a close eye on Tyrion. Enemies closer type thing. Of course Cersei was in her element at seeing her brother’s downfall whilst she was sat in prime position beside daddy. You laugh it up Cersei.

Tyrion tries to repay Podrick for saving his life during the battle of Blackwater the only way Tyrion knows how; with the finest selection of Little Finger’s whores presented to him. One lady showed us just how flexible she is with her head between her legs the other way round…does that make sense to you? Watch it, we got an eye full. Podrick however, doesn’t spend a scent on his companions but he manages to get his satisfaction guaranteed. Tyrion is awed by this and is determined to know just what how Podrick did it.

Then we saw my two favourite girls; Khaleesi and Arya. Arya is not doing too badly now she is in new company of the Brothers without Banners, she is still alive and is riding out with them. Khaleesi is still on the hunt for an army but she trades a dragon for the lot of them. I know she means well and is onto something but a dragon is akin to limitless wealth in these parts! So rightfully, her advisers try to talk her down after which she promptly gives them the, I’m the boss type speak and they are rightly chastened. Still I don’t know that selling one of her babies is the right move but we’ll see.

Theon Greyjoy was freed by that idiot meant to be guarding him. He rides far away from where he is held captivity but quick on his heels are his captors and just before they deal Theon an ill fate (I wouldn’t wish this on my enemy) he is saved. Phew! But I want him to suffer at the hands of Robb Stark or Jon Snow, who is still hanging with the widlings.

Jaime Lannister won some part of our hearts over when he saves Brienne by using his smarts to talk her out of being bastardised by the gang of savages. He informs their leader, Locke, that her father is a rich Lord who will pay her weight in sapphires if she is returned unsullied to him. He saves her from a callous fate and for the first time since being held captive we see a tenderness shown towards Brienne who, until this time, has been the butt of many of Jaime’s wisecracks. And just when we think Jaime can talk his way out of anything; BAM!! Like literally BAM! I screamed. OFF WITH HIS HAND!

This was just the right amount of everything we needed, drama, comedy, fighting and oh yes more nudity. Game of Thrones still makes me blush with is rawness on our screens. The show is like watching a game of chess between savvy players marshalling their kings, queens and knights into play. Cersei has mastered the art of being a bitch perfectly and whilst she plays that role so well I don’t want it to be all there is to her. I now understand why she needs Jaime close, he provides her character with multiple facets. The longer he is away from her, the more twisted and cold she becomes. Soon enough she’ll flatline and the audience will grow bored with her. She either needs more scenes with Joffrey or return of Jaime to even her out. Jon Snow’s character is also a bit of a concern, I don’t know what there is to be done with him, his scenes may be significant but he is at risk of being insignificant if we don’t get more bite. Same thing with Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre I need more from them or cut them out all together, they may bring dimension but its not working as effectively.

With a show like GoT you want the moving on to be quickly, the action parts to come to a head and drama, drama, drama, whilst some may feel the show is not moving quick enough I understand the need for so much detail chucked in one episode. There is a war coming but it feels like the main players are still so far apart and far from their goals. Everyone wants am army, there are new characters to get used to and somebody please get Arya where she’s going!

Still, what a cracker of an episode.