GoT. Season 3, ep. 2; Dark Wings, Dark Words

Bran.This episode of the Game of Thrones followed a more mellow uptake from the first, still with an influx of new characters. Arya returned to our screens! She is seriously one of my favourite characters I love her guts and gumption. Brienne is still trying to deliver Kingslayer, Jaime to King’s Landing hoping to avoid detection but Jaime, the snake that he is, gets a hold of her sword and they engage in a tense sword fight until they are found by loyalists to Robb Stark. I may just be able to forgive Lady Stark now. Speaking of the Lady, she suddenly loses her father and we see her come totally undone. She shares a moment with Talisa, whom she is still reluctant to accept as a daughter in-law because of the threats this marriage poses to Robb from mad Lord Frey, but this moment between them is one of raw emotion and there we learn the origin of a dream catcher or something like that. Arya, Gentry and Hot Pie are accosted by Brothers without Banners aka, protectors of Westeros who turn out not to be so bad when they treat the trio to lunch. Arya is able to disguise the fact that she is a Stark until they come across the Hound when he is captured by the Brothers. Margaery Tyrell and her grandmother Lady Olenna, invite Sansa to tea where they convince her to reveal the truth about Joffrey’s monstrous character. I really hope they are for her because I will love this alliance if it proves fruitful. Elsewhere, Bran, Hodor, Rickon and Osha meet Jojen and Meera Reed, Jojen is the boy from Bran’s dreams and the Reeds are loyal to the Starks. This is an interesting dimension to Bran’s character.

All in all it wasn’t the most action filled episode but it built on the groundwork for new characters and I love the characters introduced. It also put other characters in the framework and gave even more emphasis on the parts they have to play. Jon Snow’s story in the last episode introduced us to the Warg which gives us more understanding to Bran’s character and his dreams. And Jojen’s too. Lady Olenna, Magaery and Sansa have formed an alliance of the sort, better watch out Cersei there is a war brewing under your roof. Sam, I’m sorry, is being annoying. Dude you have to man up and keep up. This is not playtime there are White Walkers on the loose so stop your whining and get to moving. He is still such a simpleton. Robb informs his mother that her father has died AND Winterfell was torched without survivors, talk about a double whammy. Robb comes across a bit stoic in this scene especially considering they now believe their brothers to be dead, he could have used a bit more emotion. Nobody knows where Arya is or what she is up to, Sansa is still in King’s Landing, surrounded by traitors and Joffrey…the Starks are not doing too hot right now but I have hope for them. Lady Stark has a powerful scene where she gives us a back story on her relationship with Jon Snow and her reluctance to forgive her husband for his infidelity to another woman, I still think there is more to that story, her conflicting feelings about loving another woman’s child, wanting him to die and then wanting him to live again. Emotive stuff. Theon Greyjoy is being tortured and that makes me happy. I want him killed, but tot suffer a lot first and for Robb to punish him…okay, okay I won’t get carried away, but I do want him to suffer badly before being killed hopefully slowly.

The Best scene was undoubtedly between Lady Olenna, Margaery and Sansa. Lady Olenna is a feisty old woman and she’ll have her cheese whenever the hell she pleases. She is not at all sold on Joffrey and I suspect she and Margaery have something up their finely spun sleeves. I particularly admire Margaery’s prowess at working Joffrey the bloody oaf. Something wickedly awesome this way comes.

See, all that and not one (epic) word uttered. Progress.